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NVZN Token is blockchain’s ability to give unbreakable lifecycle tracking of waste, which will be useful when providing audit and accountability, with government regulators, and to create a token that is helping solve the energy problem by helping fund green energy projects. Creating a domino effect of ease, for multiple world controversies such as, climate change, seismic activity, etc.

NVZN would like to present a totally new concept to the world on how an ICO should be, purchasing coins in an offering should not be only about the risk-takers the vision believers, but it should also reward those who are willing and want to take the ride with the visionaries who are presenting their ideas to them, as well as share in all aspects of the project. Today’s world is energy-hungry, and the shortage is coming! Waste is at an all-time high, with everything being throw away and buy new, more and more waste is being produced. Like a cat covering our crap with liter, we bury our trash. Why not fix both problems? Use waste to build green energy producing farms, killing two birds with one stone! That is the vision at NVST, our partners have patented technology that can do just that, taking the waste and using that waste to build green energy producing farms.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of NVZN is to be the all-in-one solution for renewable energy progression, while offering a path for people to see the rehabilitation of the waste & energy sectors image. Together as a people on our planet we can solve this problem before it’s too late.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2019-12-20 – 2020-04-20
Token Name Invizion
Token Symbol NVZN
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.00098 ETH
Minimum Investment
Whitelist/KYC None

More About :

NVZN is an ERC-20 platform-based utility token designed for tracking and lifecycle management of our strategic partners waste to renewable projects. Today, the world is energy hungry, as well as ecologically mindful. NVZN is here to help our strategic partners bring their patented technology to a larger scale, while using blockchain to track the lifecycle of waste from birth to final resting place when it is used to build green energy farms, as well as track any byproduct of the energy farm. Envisioning a simpler, cleaner, & better future.
NVZN’s idea focuses on blockchain’s ability to give unbreakable lifecycle tracking of waste, which will be useful when providing audit and accountability with government regulators, and to create a token that is helping solve the energy problem by helping fund green energy projects.

The Problem

Today we live in a society that if anything breaks, you replace it, not fix it. Once it gets old, you get new on, which leads to waste, tons of waste. Also, energy is the keystone to society, without it none of the great technology that exists would work. While our main priority is more focused on ecological solutions to energy than ever before, there is plenty of room for improvement. Solar panels, wind energy, hydro -electric, all these solutions help, but they all also require materials that are processed and create waste. NVZN’s partners have the solution. A patented technology that takes waste and uses it to create a new type of renewable energy system, that not only supplies power but also has green, ecologically friendly byproducts.

Waste to renewable as a society and culture is the future. Waste to renewable will help with an ecologically friendly solution that will not follow the model that has helped create the throw away mentality of today. Instead, it will utilize what has already been created and re-use it to bring life back onto the waste. Blockchain uses a lot of energy which the NVZN team is well aware of, so the backing of green energy projects and utilizing a token for tracking of the waste will give everyone the transparency to see how the waste is being processed, used, and stored. Using burnable tokens with our smart contract tracking will insure that the tracking is exact and accurate.

NVZN as a concept

NVZN is a concept that was born when the design team ran into our strategic partner who had a vision that we could see would help make a big difference in the world. The more we began to talk, we discovered this green energy solution that would utilize waste to create an ecologically friendly outcome, that also produces a byproduct that will be consumed entirely.
Only then, it was decided that this would be a perfect fit for blockchain with its ability to track processing of waste, while giving safe and accurate accountability. This can help in many different areas, from accountability and compliance of waste to validation of creation of carbon credits and CO2 emission offsets. So, the NVZN team designed a burnable token that, in conjunction partnering with IOT tracking devices, can be used for this lifecycle management.
Therefore, we worked out an agreement with our strategic partner that they would utilize this token. Not only will it track waste that is used in their green energy projects, but will also be used for tracking of the by products from green energy farms. The purpose of this, would be considered only short term since the use of the tokens are disposed of once the projects are completed since there would be no more waste to track. This will be the utilization of the token for the lifetime of the farm.
Many of the supply industry giants and shipping companies are currently either using IOT and blockchain for tracking of packages, or are looking to use this technology in the future.

So, it makes perfect sense to also keep an eye on this in the waste tracking stage, which is currently a semi manual process that can be, and has been found to be exploited when it comes to the handling and care of waste.
To summarize NVZN, it will not only be a perfect model use case for blockchain, but it will also back ecologically friendly green energy projects to help the environment as whole.

NVZN’s model

How will NVZN work and what does it mean? NVZN has a contractual agreement with their strategic partners, where funds raised in the offering will be used to pay for the green energy projects. While in exchange for the guaranteed use of the token, waste tracking will be used while creating and constructing the energy farms.
NVZN website will keep up to date information on the projects as well as supplying live video feed from projects sites, so holders of the token can see the progress of the projects.
All relative information including contracts, funding of project, receipts, and tokens used will all be available on the website.
The model of NVZN is to be as transparent as possible to all people interested in NVZN.
Maintaining trust as well as giving holders the ability to see the difference that the token and projects in the making are key to future models.

Our VIZION is taking waste to renewable.
Using the burnable token, smart contract, by products, and all streams of materials will be tracked by the token

Our Partner’s Technology

The technology that is patented by our partner is a technology that is eco-friendly that utilizes the sun’s power to not only create energy, but to store it as well. While things like solar panels and other renewable energy forms require the use of lithium batteries that do have an impact. This technology can use waste as the material to build the green-energy farms.

NVZN’s technical stuff

Token Ticket – NVZN
Token Supply – 1,000,000,000
Blockchain – ERC-20
Burnable – Yes
Available for distribution – 600,000,000
Available distribution of the token will be 600,000,000 tokens, with 100,000,000 of total
supply going to architecture team as well as vendors assisting with the offering, 300,000,000 to be held in a treasury.


NVZN is a pioneering effort to change not only by having responsible transparent offerings but also green energy to help change civilization. As the world gets smaller, people and wildlife are becoming more connected day by day, we must change the way we think about accountability as well as sustainability in a more ecologically friendly manner. With instant accessibility to technology and information, NVZN is here to do just that. To help by using blockchain to hold accountability to waste producers, processors and handlers, and fundingnew innovative green energy solutions that are sustainable. Waste to renewable, a cylindrical living and process is the only way to progress and NVZN is helping lead the way.
Share in the VIZION.. Come and join the NVZN community, and you can help make this vision a reality.

Risks Disclaimer

While the NVZN and its partners have a contractual agreement for the tokens to be consumed and used by the projects for tracking of materials and waste, it cannot be guaranteed that the NVZN token will retain value on the open market. The investment into such tokens are not by any means ownership in any of the partners or any assets related to projects. Owning cryptocurrency is a risk. One should only invest if you can afford it or are comfortable with the risk.


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