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Kryptoin (KRP) ICO Review

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Kryptoin is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameKryptoin
Token SymbolKRP
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 KRP = 0.12 ETH
Soft Cap28,557 ETH
Hard Cap144,311 ETH

More about Kryptoin (KRP) ICO:

The Kryptoin ETF System is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be exchange-traded with a basket of cryptocurrencies that represents any index or sector. The ETF application integrates with any blockchain to enable that cryptocurrency to be included in the exchange trade. All ETF tokens are inherently asset-backed. The smart contract is utilized to bind specific requirements of the in-kind exchange creating a decentralized asset management system. Kryptoin ETF Tokens behave like traditional ETFs found on a stock exchange but the underlying assets are digital currencies. They are exchange traded by a Kryptoin Trading Desk and can be liquidated on a digital exchange. ETFs tokens can be assembled to track any index or benchmark of any sector or niche market globally.

Kryptoin ETF Systems started in Toronto, Canada late in 2016 with one person anticipating that the masses would flock to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the companies that enabled ease of access would flourish in the environment. Part of this early trend recognition was identifying the habits of investors and their preference for utilizing ETFs.

We predicted ETFs would be needed by investors that wanted exposure to the sector and to simplify their investment strategies. Cryptocurrency investing can be highly technical and confusing to many as they may not posses the in-depth knowledge of individual crypto assets.

Kryptoin strives to push the evolution of the ETF by incorporating decentralized systems and Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETFs of the new economy.

Kryptoin is a global company registered in the Cayman Islands with employees and members in Canada, US, Singapore, India and the Ukraine

Kryptoin Investment Advisors LLC is a Delaware based subsidiary and is the sponsor to the Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF Trust.

Kryptoin began in Toronto, Canada late in 2016 with the anticipation that Bitcoin and digital assets would become a bigger part of everyone’s financial future.  Part of this early trend recognition was identifying that investors could not utilize ETFs for exposure to crypto.  With over 7000 ETFs on the global markets and over $5T under management we believed it was just a matter of time before a US Bitcoin ETF would be approved for retail investors as a means to provide a vehicle to safely transact and custody digital assets. 

Kryptoin strives to innovate new and exciting blockchain applications to create the next generation of fintech products..

The values of the assets in a basket constantly vary, so the value of the basket will also vary. Therefore, when the assets of the basket are trading freely on the market, the price of the Index Token and the basket won’t quite stay in sync with the true value of what it stands for.

This creates an opportunity to perform a  “balancing act” atop the fulcrum by the creation and redemption of tokens   This opportunity gives Authorized Participants and Market Makers an incentive to arbitrage the differences in the prices.  Continuous arbitrage is why an ETFs price on the exchange is typically very close to the value of the assets in the basket.  Learn how Kryptoin’s NAV Board has been designed to find these imbalances with the utilization of A.I. to make execution a thing of automation.

The Index tokens are tokenized portfolios that have been assembled on the advisory system. The data from these tokens are meant to be consumed by ETPs and Funds for their own indexing or exchange trade purposes for fund management. Index tokens can be distributed on a digital asset exchange and managed by the trading desk through an API Integration.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence is to replace human needs to monitor the market and to maintain balance of the Index Tokens. Considering the fact that each Index Token is listed with 3 markets per exchange (BTC, ETH and USD) the need for automated monitoring becomes ever so important as these markets operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Kryptoin’s advisory platform has been created to manage tokenized indexes by utilizing the ETF Protocol and providing users with access to data and trading strategies within the community.

*The ETF token is not an invest-able fund or token nor is it utlized to capitalize on arbitrage.

**ETF Token is a utility for access to the Advisory that provides data and information to users and traders.

The Kryptoin ETF Protocol is an application development that has been created to wield the
capabilities of a crypto token, in this case, an ERC20 Token to emulate the characteristics and
behaviours of an ETF inside the digital asset financial markets.
The power of the protocol lies within the ability to calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the
underlying cryptocurrencies and then tokenize the NAV which can then be floated on a digital
exchange and subsequently exchange-traded for its underlying basket of cryptocurrencies.
The creation of a portfolio with subsequent tokenization of that portfolio to be launched on to
an exchange will attempt to accomplish 2 goals. The first goal is to create a token that would
track the value of the portfolio and secondly to capture the premium and discounts of the
token value to the NAV of the portfolio. The diagram below illustrates how the price of the
token may trade above and below the value of NAV causing a difference in prices that present
the opportunity for an Authorized Participant (AP) or a market maker to “flatten” prices and
capitalize on the difference. A working model of this concept can be viewed here. Credit to
Toph Tucker on this ETF toy.

During Flattening, the system will make two trades. One trade for the Index token and the opposite trade for the constituents of the portfolio. Therefore when the Index token is sold then the constituents of the portfolio within the Index token are purchased. The opposite trade occurs when the Index token is purchased and the underlying constituents are sold.

We foresee greater opportunities for arbitrage during periods when the market experiences high volatility, which results in creating valuation and price dissonance. Furthermore, greater opportunities for arbitraging price differences can also be exploited depending on geographic locations of the exchange that trades are executed. The Index token and the underlying assets are traded 24 hours across the globe and liquidity will differ depending on the time of day that most traders are active on a particular exchange.

A successful flattening trade will result in the quantity of the holdings of the market makers to be greater in either Index tokens or underlying asset but do not necessarily mean the value of the holdings of the market makers are greater since the entire portfolio is not hedged.

A hedging strategy using futures to offset the values of the trade can be used, however at this time, this is a premature discussion and the system cannot advise on the usage of other vehicles outside of this system.

Opportunities for flattening trades can occur while the market is moving up or down. The system is designed to instruct the market maker on the trade to execute by analyzing the price premium or discount. However, these specific trades will not hedge the VALUE of the portfolio or the holdings of the market maker. Inconsequentially, this will not stop possible deterioration of holdings during a market downturn as the value of all coins will be subject to the overall movement of the market.


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Kryptoin (KRP) ICO Scam or Not?

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