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LCG Energy Ico Review

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The LCG Group ecosystem is powered by the LCG Group Token (LCG). The LCG Token will be usable for a wide array of services such as to cover electricity needs as a payment method, to provide investment options, to access energy-related services
and products in the LCG ecosystem and more.
The LCG Token will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will be operating through smart contracts, hence the swiftness, the security and transparency of all transactions made with the LCG Token. Any possibility for fraud from the electricity provider will be eliminated and consumers will have the full information about their actual consumption and hence the costs involved.

The LCG Energy project aims to create a full-fledged energy ecosystem powered by the LCG platform and the existing infrastructure built by the LCG company over the course of the last 11 years.
The LCG platform will offer energy-related services and products, investment opportunities in renewable energy projects and a digital currency that is supported by green investments. With a record revenue of over 40M EUR last year, LCG Energy is currently on its way of acquiring sustainable green projects worth 80M Euro with an expected return of investment of over 20%, positioning it as one of the few companies on the blockchain market that is generating profit prior to its ICO.

Essential Information

Ico Time
Aug 1, 2019 – Apr 30, 2020
Token Name LCG Energy
Token Symbol LCG
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
0.11 USD
Platform Ethreum
Up To 35%
Soft Cap
10 USD
Hard Cap
Whitelist/KYC N/A

More About LCG Energy:

With the rapid evolvement of technology and mass production in the last 100 years,
the energy sector has grown tremendously. The demand for energy is steadily
increasing. Yet the energy industry is faced with an array of obstacles it needs to
overcome in order to match the pace of the exponential technological evolution –
pollution, ever-increasing prices of energy sources, lack of transparency between
electricity suppliers and consumers and many, many more.
The LCG Energy company has existed for almost 10 years with the mission to make
energy accessible and available at the lowest price possible to individual consumers
and small to medium-sized businesses. The company has substantial experience in
energy trading (gas, electricity and renewable energies) and, as an energy contractor,
in the optimization of energy consumption with the help of Smart Meters, an
innovative technology superior to the old-fashioned electricity meters that provides
much more exibility and the option to transfer and analyze valuable consumption
With the introduction of blockchain technology to the world and its rapid adoption
in the last few years by huge corporations such as IBM, the company recognized the
benets the technology could oer to the energy sector.
The beginning of 2018 opened a new chapter to the industry – projects such as
WePower and Restart Energy were launched, with the purpose to ultimately change
the way we buy, sell and consume energy forever.

LCG Energy GmbH wants to change the reality of power and information asymmetries on both the energy markets and between big electricity providers and end consumers. The Company in conjunction with LCG Energy GmbH aims to become the rst electricity provider in the world to adopt blockchain technology in order to resolve the issue with
information asymmetries between consumers and electricity providers and bring full transparency to the industry. By channelling all of the consumption data through Smart Meters developed by its sister company LCG Energy GmbH and with the help of smart contracts, information about power consumption and the prices at which energy
has been acquired will be made publicly available and will not be changeable by any entity – even by LCG Energy GmbH. People will no longer have to simply trust their electricity providers – they will have solid proof of the exact amount of energy they have consumed and will be protected against overpricing by the supplier. The LCG Tokens will be freely tradeable on the LCG platform, which will be deployed in the initial stages of the project development and will be a vital part of the LCG ecosystem. Token holders will be able to trade their tokens with other members on the platform, use it as a payment and investment instrument for any energy-related services and products in the
ecosystem and, if they are customers of LCG Energy, pay for their power consumption with a tiered discount system based on their loyalty and previous expenditures. Further details of the Company’s platform, the services we will oer and the technology powering the whole ecosystem (collectively, the “LCG Energy platform”) are set out in this Whitepaper.


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