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    limpid.capital offers a unique platform of its kind, Limpid Capital, which allows to receive decent income in the long term from personal investments to each investor. One of the main goals of our business is to provide our customers with the opportunity to receive stable passive income on safe conditions.

    Such a result is possible thanks to a professional and experienced team that works with maximum return for the investor in the three most liquid areas: Cryptocurrency, Betting, Forex market. It is the combination of several powerful tools at once that allows you to get the maximum result for all indicators and in the long term to demonstrate excellent performance of our investment offer.

    2020, according to all forecasts of the financial market, should be as profitable as possible, since the new decade always begins with rapid changes. And we are ready to enter it fully equipped, using the maximum possible tools for profit for our customers. We will show a serious approach in the world of Internet investments, and we are ready to provide our partners with profitable income solutions.

    At this stage in the development of online investments, significant results can only be achieved through innovative approaches. We offer them to our customers. Limpid Capital experts conduct constant market analysis, conduct strategic trading on the world’s largest crypto exchanges, stable and always positive trading on the Forex financial market, develop their own profitable sports betting strategies using reliable and proven methods of working with assets. Our traders and analysts have vast experience and the necessary knowledge in these areas, so there are no boundaries for us, and we are ready to extract the maximum benefit for partners.

    Despite the high results of its activities, the Limpid Capital team does not stop improving. The composition of the team is replenished with new specialists with fresh and innovative ideas. The trading volume is constantly growing, diagnostic models for analyzing and monitoring the cryptocurrency market are being improved, all in order to provide the best conditions for cooperation for our company’s customers, ensuring maximum return on investment. That is what makes us the best in this market.

    Limpid Capital – this is exactly that modern investment tool covering just three types of highly profitable activities, which allows you to show good work and reliable solvency.

    Each investor who has used the services of our company has all the opportunities for earning. Offered income programs are aimed at both experienced users and beginners. Everyone who decides on cooperation will certainly be satisfied. Trust your savings only to high-level professionals, this is the only way to achieve great success.

    Essential Information

    Start Date 22 Apr 2019
    Website Link https://limpid.capital
    Min/Max 20$  – No Limit
    Minimum withdraw 1$
    WHOIS View Here
    Danesco Trading Ltd.Registered On:2019-12-22,Expires On:
    Forum MMGP
    World Rank Alexa
    PaymentProcessors PerfectMoney , Payeer , Advcash , Bitcoin , Ethereum , BitcoinCash

    Investment’s plan of limpid.capital:

    0.2%-0.6% daily, for 100 days, deposit back

    Minimum :20$ – Maximum: No Limit


    Features Of limpid.capital:

    Withdraw :Instant

    Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

    Referral Commission :5-3-2%

    Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

    24/7 Support


    More about limpid.capital:

    The betting market, with proper money management, is a highly profitable tool. But, despite its active development, it still remains an underestimated and inaccessible way of earning for investors who are not versed in that area. High profitability, in comparison with other areas of activity, is also associated with certain risks, which only professionals can reduce.

    Extensive experience and useful contacts in the world of sports give us great opportunities for making money in sports betting. Experts and professional players who are part of the experienced team of our company act without emotion, constantly collect and carefully analyze future games and championships, so they have full information about upcoming sports events, and are constantly working to improve their profitable strategies.

    The result of such painstaking preliminary training of an entire team of specialists is exact coincidence with the results of past games, which has a direct impact on the success of Limpid Capital. The team’s vast experience allows minimizing risks and ensuring investors a stable profit in the amount of declared dividends.

    1.1. Further – “Company”, “Limpid Capital” – the abbreviated name of the legal entity of the company “Limpid Capital LTD”.

    1.2. Further – “Investor”, “User”, “Client” – this is an adult individual registered on the website https://Limpid.Capital and who is a member of the Limpid Capital system.

    1.3. Further – “Resource”, “Site” – the online platform of the company “Limpid Capital”, created for the interaction of the Company with Users.

    1.4. “Site Content” is any information and content provided by the Company under this Agreement, including all training materials on the site https://limpid.capital. The content of the Site includes video clips, informational articles, audio and graphic materials, user manuals, etc.

    1.5. “Data” is any information about the User or the Company, as well as information obtained as a result of cooperation and use by customers of the Company’s website.

    2. General Provisions

    2.1. By registering in the system, the user confirms his agreement with the terms of this Agreement in full.

    2.2. The company management reserves the right to make additions and changes to the current rules unilaterally, without prior warning to the participants.

    2.3. This Agreement is a legally binding contract between the User and the Company and governs the use of the Limpid Capital online platform.

    2.4. The user cannot use the Company’s data in spam mailings or for advertising purposes. This information can be used only in the framework of good faith cooperation between the Client and the Company.

    2.5. The User can correspond with the employees of the Site Support Service only regarding issues related to this Agreement and the Company.

    2.6. The company is not responsible for non-fulfillment of obligations if force majeure circumstances, namely force majeure circumstances, have become the reason.

    2.7. The company provides the Investor with a stable profit, within the framework of his chosen tariff plan.

    2.8. The content of the Site is not a direct investment recommendation and does not contain calls to action.

    2.9. The Company has the right to provide Clients with any information about its activities, changes in the work of the Company or the Resource, about events in the Company, news and any other information regarding cooperation, by means of mailing to the email address.

    2.10. The right to receive personalized access to the Site and use the services of the Company belongs to any individual who is at least 18 years old.

    2.11. The withdrawal of money from the system is carried out only by the administration, after manually checking the application. Withdrawal of funds can only be made to the account from which the balance for investment was replenished.

    3. Use of the site

    3.1 The full version of the Company Site and its contents are not accessible to the general public. The Company grants the registered User the right to access and make good use of the Site and its contents in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for the purposes specified in this Agreement, as well as within the content of the Site.

    3.2. All data provided to the User in the framework of cooperation can be used for personal purposes and cannot be transferred to third parties. In case of violation of this paragraph, cooperation with the User will be terminated.

    3.3. In case of detection of a “Multi-Account” (multiple registrations of one user under different logins), the Company reserves the right to freeze the funds available in the accounts and block the User’s accounts.

    3.4. The account belongs only to its owner. The investor must ensure the confidentiality of the login, password and other data specified during registration. The transfer of identification data to third parties is prohibited.

    3.5. An investor does not have the right to make any changes to the Site Content, take actions aimed at reducing the system’s performance, use malicious programs, use any actions that could lead to distortion, destruction of the original Site Content and violation of its functionality or would interfere with the cooperation of the Company with other Investors.

    3.6. Registered User agrees that the use of the Resource does not give him intellectual property rights to the Site.

    4. Confidentiality

    4.1. Users personal data is processed in accordance with the privacy policy of the Company, which is an integral part of this Agreement. And also in accordance with the national principles of confidentiality stipulated by the Law on Privacy, the National Principles of Confidentiality and the Law on Confidentiality of Great Britain (the country of registration of Limpid Capital LTD)

    4.2. The company guarantees complete confidentiality and protection of personal data specified by the User.

    4.3. The investor has the right to personally verify the correct use of the personal data provided by him by the Company by contacting the Technical Support Service with a corresponding request.


    limpid.capital is started since 22 Apr 2019 and it’s investment plans seem logical. Any ways check this page and check the latest status of it’s payment.

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    Is limpid.capital Scam or Not?

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