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lkscoin Ico Review

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LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency aimed to those who create and publish online content. It allows them to have/give access to any type of digital content on any platform, keeping copyrights safe and defining the authorship of the work. LKSCOIN solves the problem of “Terms of use” when choosing a social network, since all users contents will be protected and compensated for the time they spent creating it. Through payments and donations, LKS will remunerate content creators within social networks and, in general, every online content. LKSCOIN is an encouragement to be more creative, thanks to a secure, traceable and decentralized remuneration system.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2020-03-31 – 2020-05-27
Token Name LKSCOIN
Token Symbol LKS
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.01 USD
Soft Cap
Hard cap
1,000,000 EUR
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted Country
USA ,China

More About lkscoin:

The LKS Foundation is an italian non-profit foundation which goal is to promote and spread the culture of blockchain as well as promoting initiatives that use the principle of sharing information using blockchain technologies and spreading the culture of fintech to innovate in sectors such as crowdfunding, ICOs and distributed accounting technologies.
To pursue these objectives, the LKS Foundation created LKSCOIN, a cryptocurrency that offers the possibility to track and remunerate, through payments and donations, content creators within social networks.

The purpose of this white paper is to present a summary of LKS Foundation’s business model and value proposition and provide an introduction to the LKS Foundation crowd sale for potential token purchasers in connection with the proposed token sale. The information set forth below may be changed for any reason, it may not be exhaustive, and it does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. The sale and purchase of LKSCOIN are governed by the Terms of Sale available on LKS Foundation’s website.
If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you should consult your legal, financial, tax or other professional advisor(s), immediately navigate away from the LKS Foundation’s website, and not contribute to the development of LKSCOIN.
This white paper does not purport to be all-inclusive or contain all the information that you may desire when examining the project. This white paper’s sole purpose is to provide you with relevant and reasonable information in order for you to determine whether to undertake a thorough analysis of the project and the company with the intent of acquiring LKSCOIN.
PLEASE NOTE: THE PURCHASE OF LKSCOIN INVOLVES A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK AND YOU SHOULD NOT SPEND ANY FUNDS IN THIS SALE UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE THE ENTIRE AMOUNT SPENT. Please refer to the Terms of Sale for a more comprehensive list of the possible risks concerning the LKSCOIN purchase. All information and content provided in this white paper are to be used on an “as is” basis. In deciding to purchase LKSCOIN, you must rely on your examination of the project and the terms thereof, including the merits and all different risks involved. Before deciding on the purchase of LKSCOIN, you should consult your legal, financial, tax or other professional advisor(s) as to all matters concerning this purchase, and carefully review and consider this white paper in its entirety. You and other prospective token purchasers are encouraged to ask questions about LKS Foundation, its business, and the Terms of Sale of the crowd sale, and to request such data as may be necessary to enable you to make an informed purchase decision.
No regulatory authority has examined or approved of any of the information set out in this white paper. The publication, distribution, or dissemination of this white paper does not imply that the applicable laws, regulatory requirements, or rules have been complied with. No financial information contained in this white paper has been audited.


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