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lohn Ico Review

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Lohn is a widely spread contractual form in various industrial fields of international cooperation relations, especially in the industry of clothing, footwear, leather, furniture, software and hardware, pharmaceutical, metal working, metallurgical, machine tools, automotive, automation, machine building industry, electronics and appliance industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry.

At present, the annual production achieved in lohn globally exceeds 10,000 B $, representing 10% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Essential Information

Ico Time
2020-07-01 – 2020-09-28
Token Name LOHN
Token Symbol LOHN
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link https://lohncontrol.com
0.06 USD
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
21,000,000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Country Seychelles

More About lohn:

The team is a complex team of people with strong expertise in customer management, logistics, quality management, legal services and frameworks, industrial engineering, payment solutions and financial risk management. It was built on the architecture of the lohncontrol project in the sense that each member of the team covers one section of the trading platform and has the responsibility to manage this section through the acquired experience.
The team is made up of entrepreneurs with many projects and people accustomed to the rhythm and rigor of multinational work. Each of them has performed in the activities, he/she has developed by acquiring a know-how that made him/her eligible for the lohncontrol team. In the project they will capitalize their own gained experience and will add value to the business services ecosystem that lohncontrol proposes. The team is a great puzzle of expertise and abilities in main or complementary activities of processing economy.
The lohn (processing economy) has been and will be a solution to produce goods at reasonable and high-quality prices through the efficient use of labor and cheap raw materials in emerging economies. It is also a business model that creates economic and social progress across the world bringing together markets with productive resources and capabilities.
The trading platform developed by the lohncontrol project will create global opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses that are responsible for generating 60% of GDP. It will give them a visibility that they do not have at this time and will encourage the development of direct business between them.
This means low manufacturing costs and greater adaptation to market demands. Those who will win at the end of this interaction will be consumers who will get good products at realistic prices.
The platform will revolutionize the processing economy, over 50 years old, creating a new business model with rigorous management and user friendly experience provided by blockchain technology. The blockchain will introduce a new element in the relationship between the parts of a processing economy (lohn) contract, namely the trustworthy protocol.

This trust provided by the lohncontrol smart contract within the trading platform will mean a guarantee of honesty for all parties involved. In this way those who will order consumer goods will have the certainty that they will receive them and its will be made to the quality standards imposed by them and those who will produce them will have the comfort that they will receive the money for their work.
Lohncontrol proposes the lohncontract.com trading platform that will in fact be a business services platform for processing economy. The targeted users are the small and medium-sized firms worldwide, responsible for 60% of GDP, who will have the opportunity to develop business directly between them, escalating geographical, cultural or linguistic barriers. Specifically, a small company from a developed economy will have an organized trading environment and some secure business tools to launch orders for the manufacture of goods according to their own specifications. Its partner may also be a small production company in an emerging economy. The platform will provide a safe and honest environment in which they can develop joint business. The platform creates an ecosystem in which buyers and producers will be the main actors in processing economy activities. In addition, other companies will offer complementary services or products: suppliers of raw materials, logistics, quality management, industrial process management, legal services and settlement of payments between the parties.
Never the small and medium-sized firms around the world have been in a single project with so many working tools to grow their businesses and optimize their profits. lohncontract.com, the business services platform developed by the lohncontrol project, it will be such a place. The platform operates in 32 industrial branches globally.


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Is lohn Scam or Not?
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