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MEDIAR is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameMEDIAR
Token SymbolMDR
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 MDR = 0.0004 ETH
Soft Cap500,000 USD

More about MEDIAR (MDR) ICO:

MEDIAR develops a global ecosystem which empowers fans, improving their position within the industry. Simultaneously, by enhancing Your experience as a fan, MEDIAR provides the framework that allows creation, management and profiting from fan community-based ventures and apps. Although the platform is fan-oriented, it is open for advertisers, broadcasters, event organisers, influencers, media platforms and other stakeholders of sports industry – since the operation of the whole ecosystem is efficient and beneficial for both fans and partners in this case.

MatchDiary will provide fans with even greater experiences by offering them a complete platform with currently dispersed tools. In addition, MatchDiary will be supplemented with original functionalities, which will determine its great potential and value. In today’s world, we live surrounded by information. Some things were easier before the Internet era – front page advertising was considered the best form of promotion! Those times are long gone. Now companies compete by coming up with newer and increasingly creative methods to capture our attention. Large corporations deliver media and information electronically through telephone, tablet, or laptop, nearly eliminating traditional paper versions. However, consumers don’t mind because, in the end, we all want better solutions.

This revolution is already being done through MatchDiary, an innovative social platform focused on soccer fans. MatchDiary separates users from unwanted content, aggressive ads, and greedy brokers. In our community, each of the users contributes their own value to the system, affecting its shape and development. The entire system has been based on the principles of equality, security, and transparency. We believe that thanks to people’s willingness to be a part of something greater, the MatchDiary platform will be a unique place, bringing together people with a shared passion, created by fans for fans.

We provide statistics not only of teams but also for the fans themselves. The user will have full access to their activity (number of live matches, time spent in the stadium, etc.).Each user can feel like a journalist creating their own content graded by other users. Thanks to this the creator will receive an appropriate reward.Users are ranked based on activity.

MEDIAR is a community-driven digital environment designed to change the traditional sports market.MEDIAR develops a global ecosystem which empowers fans, improvingtheir position within the industry. Simultaneously, by enhancing Your experience as a fan, MEDIAR provides the framework that allows creation, management and profiting from fan community-based ventures and apps. Although the platform is fan-oriented, itis open for advertisers, broadcasters, event organisers, influencers, media platforms and other stakeholders of sports industry -since the operation of the whole ecosystem is efficient and beneficial for both fans and partners in this case.To enable the fairness and true decentralization of the global community we are building, we use blockchain as main technology. Smart contracts will simplify and secure the transactions process and all kinds of data. To develop and implement all the functionalities designed, we are raising funds via Initial Token Offering campaign.As Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we introduced mobile app MatchDiary, designed as an interactive memoir for football fans. It includes built-in advertisement revenue model, news stream, publishing platform, token wallet, e-commerce and ticket shop.

Missunderstanding the fair play rule

The magic of sport lies in inner passion and stubbornes of one’s activity, intense shared emotions of fans communities and inspiring stories of atheletes lives. Like nothing else sport unites people and creates bridge of understanding despite different languages, individual views or time zones. There is no nation bigger than 4 billion enthusiasts of kicking the ball aka football aka soccer or 2,5 billion of cricket supporters worldwide.Thanks to fans, sport is also a very profitable industry. According to ATKearney1, global sports industry is worth up to 620 billion US Dollars. PwC estimates2that in North America alone, value of this market will grow over 3% annually. With e-sports development, new disciplines and popularity of healthy lifestyle the trend is clear –sport is a great business. The importance of fans is downgraded and not respected on adequate level. We consider it not a fair play situation.What is more, despite the popularity and development of sports market worldwidely, still there are many problems related to fans’ experience and their role in the whole industry.

-No universal platform fully driven and managed by fans.4Very limited access to the top-level opportunities within sports industry.

-Lack of empowerment for fans, weak impact ondecision making.

-Time-consuming finding a good choice of a sport medium out of the thousand of options.

-Tough to find quality content without annoying and invasive advertising.4Fans do not benefit and are not rewarded for their input and content.

Empowering the fans through digital revolution

Our mission is to develop and deliver blockchain-powered solutions that adress acknowledged pain points and problems in the global sports industry. We obey three principle rules:

●fans as a crucial part of sports industry must receive great experience and reward for their engagement;

●technology must be secure, scalable and easy to commercially integrate with existing businesses, organisations and stakeholders of sport industry;

●the ecosystem is created by fans for fans, which is way the decisionmaking processes are decentralised, accessible to every member of community and transparent.

MEDIAR is a community-driven digital environment established to change the global sports industry. MEDIAR allows to design and implement a variety of products, applications and solutions that contribute to empowerment of fans.

MEDIAR community

The main philosophy behind MEDIAR is to build a worldwide community,letting them interact for the benefit of everyone. The whole project appeared from the thought about fan’s experience, that is why the services and products by MEDIAR are concentrated on the delivery of benefits to sports lovers. However, to ensure all those the partners integration is necessary. The MEDIAR economy is designed in such a way that by meeting the needs of fans, the partners automatically benefit as well. As we are targeting the global scale, we address the MEDIAR environment not only to sport lovers.We build the community by:

●the delivery of value proposition for sports fans;

●sports industry businesses partnership;

●sports clubs collaboration;

●social media influencers engagement;

●worldwide brands advertisement;

●transport and renting firms partnership;

●top-level athlete interaction.

Machine Learning


uses machine learning to create analytical models. Suggested content, ads, friends or products from our store will be backed by neural network-based models. Analytical process based on previously gathered data and pattern recognition can adapt and generate results thatwill help to increase MEDIAR efficiency and effectiveness in user experience.

Credibility System

Our models will be also backed by upvote / downvote system that will help to rate the best content and cut out irrelevant information, trolls and classic spam. All user’s activity will also leave the trace that will determine to his credibility score. System will reward users for activity and promote their future content. Credibility system will be divided into ranks. On each level user will be able to interact with other users with similar rank. Such reputation system will help MEDIAR to become most valuable tool for sports fans.

Database Service Model

The complex database model is used to strengthen the credibility system of MEDIAR platform. The solutions weuse is using is also proved by the biggest platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Our system is designed to guarantee platform’s functionality, scalability and reliability.

Betting System

MEDIAR will implement its’ own space for users to bet on the outcomes of various events. Users can bet quickly and easily among each other’s thanks to MDR Token. Blockchain technology allows to organize and secure entire process, making it low-cost and transparent.Let’s say that some fan believes that Manchester United will win the match against AC Milan. He makes a bid of 1000 MDR on such outcome. Another user believes in opposite outcome of this event, therefore he makes his own bid and is paired up with offers that he may find interesting. He can accept suggested bid of 1000 MDR, but may also propose lower or higher stakes. Once the bet is made system will automatically manage the funds and transfer the reward to the winner. MEDIAR Betting System is a simple and fun solution for users that want to compete with other members of the community in slightly more serious way.

AI (Fantasy League)

Lots of innovative technical solutions may enreach fans experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of them. Fantasy League by MEDIAR will provide augmented reality experience for fans all over the world. It binds real events experience and in-app game to provide new means of interaction and competition. Users will be able to create their own virtual club and run it as a general manager. Fans can collect unique cards representing their favourite teams and players from clubs all over the world, won by match attendance and other activities. Those cards can be exchanged, traded or stored for a value due to their uniqueness.

Marketing (B2B2C)

Marketing opportunities are extremely wide for both MEDIAR users and partners. Since we target the global network of fans, the advertisers, joining the ecosystem, automatically target the large product-oriented group. Not only big players (partners) are to use the marketing tool within the system. Any user can create advertisement and by rewarding system MEDIAR will assure it reaches the potential audience. To be able to put advertisement on platform, one needs to pay with MDR tokens.

DAO operations

One of the MEDIAR goals is fans empowering. Thanks to the blockchain technology, users will be granted a reliable tool to decide about the future of the platform itself and particular sports industry unit. MEDIAR enables the decentralization and fairness of decision-making since each vote (with MDR token) would be unique and valuable. MEDIAR will listen to its users, because they know what they need the most. DAO will also integrate with the MEDIAR partners to enable fans to influence the discipline/club they support.


MatchDiary is just the step in the building the global solution dedicated to fans of any sport. But, ultimately, MEDIAR’s goal is to offer an ecosystem which enables everyone to build applications around particular fans communities, disciplines, sports club, league or event. Thanks to the architecture of the MEDIAR, the new applications or communities by default will obtain the package of tools to develop their idea. Those are the ready working business model, community building tools, partners network, marketing model, smart contracts, integrated technology with current and new MEDIAR functionalities, medium of value -MDR. At the same time, each new element within the ecosystem will have its own uniqueness and flexibility tailor-made for those who will use the solution. Such a combination enables individuals and corporations to bring their ideas to life with lower costs.


In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

MEDIAR (MDR) ICO Scam or Not?

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