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MilliyCoin (MLC) ICO Review

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MilliyCoin is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Nov 15, 2019 – May 4, 2021
Token Name MilliyCoin
Token Symbol MLC
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
< $ 0.000001
Platform Waves
Soft Cap
$ 10.00M
Hard Cap
$ 600.00M

More about MilliyCoin (MLC) ICO:

Our company invites qualified traders to access institutional liquidity those looking for a growing portfolio in digital assets offer ease of access by qualified individuals and institutions seeking exposure to a portfolio of digital assets managed by highly-experienced managers, traders, and analysts in the crypto space. Funds offered via Hedge-fund insure exposure to digital assets through a single fund investment, eliminating the hassle of keeping multiple public and private keys, wallets, exchange accounts

MilliyCoin is a blockchain-based project that aims to establish sustainable dividends to stakeholders by their professional asset managers in the crypto space.

Worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for MaximusFX and FXStreet at the early start of his career in the financial market. He has been a trader and makes gradually good trades.

It was then after having worked for forex brokers to understand how and why traders lose.

He managed UK FCA regulated platform brokers in KL and US and grew sales team to gather prop traders to trade the firm`s capital and for an asset management company.

Trained many crypto enthusiasts to trade and make money via crypto trading

Right now running Algorithm Gateway and by raised funds profitability aiming to build schools, kids health diagnostic centers to provide service at an affordable rate.

Our crypto liquidity hub delivers the largest crypto liquidity services on the planet

Calling turn-key White Label brokers to a one-stop solution with CRM, ERC, SMM, Websites, Automatization, Data Feeds, News Portal.

Get liquidity from 132 Crypto Exchanges through one connection with REST and FIX API, Web Sockets on MT4, MT5 gateway


MilliyCoin is launched to officially reshape the largest marketplace on our planet via Algorithm Gateway to connecting point to most transparent market

We understand many experiences continue loss at the initial stage.

Traders, you are not the only one that is within 98% of traders. Not understanding market fluctuation often leads to mistakes in trading.

Let the professionals help you rebuild while helping many others.

Milliy Coin in Crypto space is the best solution in this era to help retail clients to make money again.

Results are astonishingly amazing, still, want to find out and see how much we are making? How we are doing?

Follow us on Social Media.

Since we are liquidity providers and direct to the world financial market, we trade our investor’s capital with no extra cost.

Asset Management – Philosophy
  • Our partners in Singapore have researched on winning investment strategies and are ready to share the know-how, success, and expertise with you, taking into consideration your financial goal and risk appetite.
  • Hedgefund service is aimed to offer clients and financial institutions, the ability to receive high returns on the invested capital.
  • Professional experienced Portfolio managers work to maximize returns with a predefined appetite for risk.
  • Successful Portfolio Management with the implementation of strict and effective Risk Management Strategy with impressive returns.
Why Us?
  • Crypto portfolio management services emphasis is to generate long term capital growth
  • All our allies & sponsors are fully certified and regulated by FCA-UK
  • All trading strategies are with at least 24 months of backtesting and over 15-month real trading performance.
  • 4 trading strategies that suit your risk preference and desired capital returns
  • Opportunity to diversify into several portfolio assets.
  • Full control and transparency on fund management progress.
  • Detailed performance reporting.

We are looking for Fund Managers to manage our firm`s capital. If you hold Robots or Algorithm to participate in financial markets or talented in taking successful positions, you can be the next Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Equity trader in our firm.

Selected successful managers will be provided necessary facilities from institutional grade liquidity to training through our senior liquidity hub in London or Hong Kong.

Feel free to reach us if you have the mentioned criteria above.


Prove us illustrating your 1-year trading statement with any broker or trade funds in reliable brokers we are accosted with: 3-month trading in the market probation period to qualify will be required

Get recruited as a qualified prop trader to manage our firm and investor`s fund


In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

MilliyCoin (MLC) ICO Scam or Not?

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