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monnos Ico Review

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Monnos is an all in one crypto APP where everyone can create, share and sync strategies of crypto assets, and everybody can earn with it. We offers exchange, wallet strategy and the core of our business, the funtionality of sync strategies.

The global financial market has never been through such a phase of competition and disruption, as has been doing for the last five years. Backed by precise user demands, fintechs sprang by the thousands, shaking the commodities scene that once prevailed, setting the pace for change in one of the most profitable sectors on the planet.
However, the real impact is yet to come, and it will undoubtedly be supported by blockchain and, therefore, the crypto economy. It started with Bitcoin in 2009 and it has been spread by the other more than 2.000 new currencies that have emerged and continue to emerge ever since.
Believing in this impact, we introduce Monnos. Backed by the true potential of this technology, it brings together experience in the traditional and emerging financial markets.
With great experienced in exploring the benefits of these innovations and with a pioneering proposal to make your crypto work for you, we offer a Crypto Account All in One, bringing together other features like Multi Wallets, Exchange Hub, Crypto Saving Account and Sync Strategy. All in one app at the reach of your fingers

Essential Information
Ico Time
2019-12-03 – 2019-12-20
Token Name Monnos Token
Token Symbol MNS
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.01709 USD
Soft cap
250,000 USD
Hard cap 400,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Country Brazil
Restricted areas EUA, China, Bahamas, Botswana, Camboja, Coreia do Norte, Etiópia, Gana, Guiné-Bissau, Iêmen, Irã, Iraque, Líbano, Líbia, Mali, Paquistão, República Centro-Africana, República Democrática do Congo, Sérvia, Síria, Somália, Sri Lanka, Sudão, Sudão do Sul, Trinidade e Tobago, e Tunísia.

More About monnos:

Monnos is a company incorporated in Brazil by Brazilian entrepreneurs but conceived to be
global. Prioritizing the credibility that the financial market has always demanded and sought
legal and regulatory certainty for the establishment of business with the ambition to compete
with the big industry, Monnos will operate from Switzerland to the world.
In addition to the above, the fact that Zug (Switzerland) is globally perceived as the Crypto Valley certainly attracts the best players, the best people and a high level of immersion in this evolving technology, so we choose to be where change happens and is supported.

Sync Strategy™
Taking advantage of the best opportunities in such an ever-changing market takes time and requires study and dedication at the right level. Thus, offering convenience to those who do not have time, do not want to dedicate so much, or even wanting to learn from others, we bring a whole different approach to strategies sharing. Every Wallet Strategy performance, public or private, is monitored by a proprietary algorithm that indexes many indicators. By making it public, the algorithm applies the ranking of this data and places the strategy in the proper cluster, making it easier to make the best decision.
In addition to this system, we apply a gamified methodology that scores the best strategies and their authors, raising them to a platform benchmark, enabling historical ranking, several awards and other loyalty and engagement methods.
In short, by using the Sync Strategy™ feature, our users who feel secure and master a specific knowledge of strategy making, choosing to share them, can be rewarded whenever they get results for themselves and to those who follow them. In addition to this profile, we have those who do not want to share but follow, and they can gain from the expertise of others.
There is no limit to the number of strategies that want to have some attached resources.
Everyone contributes, and everyone wins.


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Is monnos Scam or Not?
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