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    Launched in February of 2019, Moon3D is an exciting, provably fair, social, crash betting site that allows players to use cryptocurrencies to put their HODLing skills to the test.

    Similar sites include Bustabit, EtherCrash, Bitsler.com, and Stake.com. You can read our full Moon3D review below.

    Essential Information

    Casino Link Moon3d.io
    Established 2019
    Customer Support Live-Chat, E-Mail
    License Curacao
    Deposit Bonus 1% Lifetime Referral Bonus
    Currencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), DogeCoin (Doge)
    Deposit Method Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
    Withdrawal Method
    Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, Entropay, Moneta.ru, QIWI, Skrill, Yandex Money, CryptoCurrency, Rapid Transfer
    Minimum Deposit $0.01
    Language English, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish

    Restricted Countries

    A disclaimer in the site’s launch announcement on Medium states that all players must abide by the existing laws and regulations of their given jurisdiction. It also states that players from China and the United States may not play at Moon3D, but that does not appear to be enforced.

    We do not recommend using a VPN to circumvent a country restriction. To view a full list of online gambling sites that accept players from your region, click here.

    How To Play

    At Moon3D, the objective is clear – Fuel your rocket with some Ether (mETH) by placing a bet before each round, then cash out before the rocket crashes to win your bet multiplied by the corresponding multiplier. But be warned, the rocket could crash at any random moment, so if you do not cash out before the bust, you lose your bet.

    There is no limit to how high the multiplier can go. However, if during a game the house is facing a net loss of 3% of the bankroll or greater, the server will automatically scale down all players’ winnings proportionately. The current maximum profit per round is displayed at the top of the game.

    Additionally, the top 3 players, called “Captains” who stay in the round longest before it crashes get a bonus. Do you take the conservative route and cash out at 1.1x your original bet, or do you chase the 100,000x multiplier?

    Security & Fairness

    The crash point for each round at Moon3D is randomly generated by a hash chain whose seed itself was randomly generated. Once created, the hash chain and the crash points cannot be tampered with by anyone. You can verify that each random crash point belongs to the Moon3D hash chain, by inputting any game hash here.

    Regarding security, if you happen to find a bug in the Moon3D website, players are encouraged to contact site administrators immediately. Moon3D will offer you a payment proportional to the severity of the bug.

    House Edge

    Moon3D’s dynamic bonus schemes allow a dynamic house edge anywhere from -3% to 3% depending on how one plays, but when modeled the average house edge turns out to be roughly 1.5%.

    The site also claims that a substantial amount is used to subsidize their referral and bonus schemes in order to help some players lower the house edge to as low as 0%.

    Internet Lag

    Since Moon3D is a real-time, networked game on the Internet, there inevitably is a delay between the time that you click the cashout button and the time that the site’s server receives your cashout event.

    The best tool against network lag is to use the auto-cashout feature. For example, if you are on a bad connection and you want to cashout at 2x, Moon3D recommends setting your auto-cashout to 2x.


    Fraud, collusion, fixing or any other actions which can be considered unlawful are strictly forbidden at Moon3D. In the event such activities are taking place, Moon3D reserves the right to close your account and invalidate any betting.

    Money Laundering

    Moon3D will report any suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities in order to prevent money laundering. Members shall report all suspicious activities related to Games or Services he or she may observe to Moon3D. In accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Moon3D may suspend an account and withhold funds.

    Regulatory License

    The site’s launch announcement on Medium states that Moon3D is operating under a Costa Rican license, however, there is only a brief mention of this license on the official website in the “Terms of Service” tab under “Jurisdiction”.

    Max Profit

    The Max Profit is displayed on the Moon3D graph on the site, and represents the maximum amount of crypto (ETH) that players can win per round. During the site’s beta testing period, the Max Profit variable experienced a bug that Moon3D admitted and promptly resolved.

    After the bug was resolved, the Max Profit has been displayed perfectly ever since. Today, the Max Profit routinely exceeds 80 ETH.

    Customer Support

    There are a handful of support channels available to players at Moon3D including email, DiscordTwitter, or by using the chatbox located directly on the site. The in-site chatbox and Discord message board are the fastest customer service resources, but if you opt to open a support ticket, simply click the “Support” tab under the “User” section of the website. If you prefer email, send your messages to contact@moon3d.io.


    All player balances at Moon3D are denominated in Ethereum’s ETH or mETH. Milli and micro are one thousandth and one millionth, respectively. For instance, one ETH equals one thousand milli-ETH or mETH. Moon3D has a min bet of 1 mETH and a max bet of 3,000 mETH.

    When transferring funds to and from Moon3D, you must only use wallet addresses that are valid and legally under your name. Failure to do so result in delayed banking timeframes, or even account closure.

    Furthermore, any transfer of funds from your account to another account holder, or vice versa, or the buying, selling or transfer of user accounts, is not allowed and can result in the termination of all associated accounts.


    Moon3D allows players to deposit using over 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies in world including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Dogecoin, Monero, Binance Coin, and even stablecoins. To play, you’ll need to transfer tokens to the appropriate wallet on the deposit page.

    Please double check that you are sending the right tokens to your deposit account. Send Ethereum to your Ethereum deposit address, EOS to your EOS address, etc. If you send the wrong tokens to the wrong deposit address, those tokens could be lost forever, and Moon3D will not be able to provide any help in retrieving them.

    Moon3D instantly credit accounts after a reasonable number of confirmations from the network, but on average you can expect a wait time of 5-10 minutes. Deposit addresses will continue to work indefinitely. All payments to these addresses will be automatically credited to your account.

    There is a minor deposit (gas) fee typically 1 mETH or less. This is why you may end up receiving 999 instead of 1,000. Moon3D intends to eventually cover this fee.


    Players at Moon3D can withdraw their funds simply by requesting to transfer their tokens from the Moon3D platform to their personal wallet. Please note that large withdrawals could be put into a manual processing queue and be sent within 24 hours. This is done for both your and Moon3D’s security.

    In the event your account erroneously is credited with winnings that do not belong to you, for any reason, the amount credited shall remain Moon3D’s property and will be deducted from your account. You must immediately notify Moon3D via email in the event you become aware of an incorrect crediting of your account.

    You shall not withdraw money that has been erroneously deposited to your account, and if you do so, that amount will constitute a debt owed to Moon3D by you.


    3 mETH Game Chat

    If you send a message to the Moon3D chatbox and no one else chats within 20 minutes from the time you posted, Moon3D will award you with 3 mEth.

    Email Promotions

    Every few weeks, Moon3D runs an email campaign offering a generous deposit bonuses, so make sure to keep an eye out for any incoming emails. To date, these promotions have only been sent out to a random group of a select few each time.

    That being said, these promotions via email are only intended for the recipients of that email. In other words, if you’ve never received any of these emails, then you are not eligible for the promotion just yet.

    Referral Codes

    Refer a friend to Moon3D and you’ll earn 0.2% of all of their wagers. Additionally, the receiver of the referral will also get an added 1% bonus to their base bet every time they play and win.

    Either by referring or getting referred, you will benefit from this win-win situation, so players are actually encouraged by Moon3D to join their site by using a referral link.

    If you would like to take advantage of this 1% bonus, as well as help support GamblingSiteFinder.com, please use this link to join Moon3D. Our referral code is “WELCOME”.

    Referral Program

    Moon3D has one of the most generous referral bonuses in the crypto crash betting industry. For every person that uses your referral link, you will receive 0.2% of their total wagers in the gameplay.

    Conversely, if you use someone else’s referral link to register and play the game, you will receive an added 1% bonus to your winnings. So it’s a win-win to refer or be referred.

    If you would like to take advantage of this 1% bonus, as well as help support GamblingSiteFinder.com, please use this link to join Moon3D. Our referral code is “Welcome”.

    Supported Devices

    Moon3D’s sleek user interface is simple, yet effective when opened from any laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device – There is no client required for users to download and the in-browser software used for the betting platform functions seamlessly without lagging.

    Disputes & Complaints

    Bustabit License Controversy (3/29/19)

    Bustabit, one of the first ever crypto crash betting sites, claims that the creators of Moon3D violated the terms of Bustabit’s open source license and should not be considered trustworthy.

    The violation even landed Moon3D in the Bustabit’s License.txt file, a page that lists sites that have either purchased a non-distributable copy of the previous version of Bustabit’s source code, sites that are unauthorized to use the Bustabit name and/or are making false representations about their relationship to Bustabit, and of course sites that are violating the terms of Bustabit’s open source license and should not be considered trustworthy.

    Responsible Gambling

    For millions of people, gaming is a form of entertainment, but for some individuals who may have a gambling problem, it can be very difficult to stay away. At this time, Moon3D does not have any resources readily available for players who may have a gambling problem.

    Responsible gambling is a very serious topic and is actually one of the first factors we investigate when reviewing online gambling sites. We at GamblingSiteFinder.com advise everyone to proceed with caution at any online gambling site that does not have this information readily available to all customers. For more information, please read this article on problem gambling.

    History & Background

    Launched in February of 2019, Moon3D is an exciting, provably fair, social, crash betting site that allows players to use cryptocurrencies to put their HODLing skills to the test.

    Fascinated by crypto and gaming since 2013, the Moon3D team realized that there were a lot of issues on the gaming side where most games were rigged, not provably fair, or had high house edges. On the crypto gaming side, they didn’t see a lot of games that were truly social and exciting, and the majority of games were limited to playing only with Bitcoin.

    As a result, the founding group set out to build Moon3D to solve these issues. Today, Moon3D promises to constantly add innovative features and host new promos on the platform, but at the moment, it does not offer a traditional online casino.

    Similar sites include Bustabit, EtherCrash, Bitsler.com, and Stake.com.


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    Is Moon3d.io Scam or Not?

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