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Nano (NANO) Review

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Nano defi token is decentralized, sustainable, and secure digital money focused on addressing the inefficiencies present in existing financial systems. Uniquely designed to process simple peer-to-peer transfer of value, Nano empowers everyone with the most efficient and accessible digital money possible, connecting them to the global economy with minimal impact. Nano (NANO) defi token was created on blockchain to do this job.

Easy-to-use and Feeless

Nano is simple and easy-to-use by design. By focusing on transferring value as efficiently as possible, the Nano network is able to offer feeless transactions and provides options for users and services to easily access the empowering and cost-saving qualities of digital money.


As the world continues efforts to reduce pollution and energy consumption, many digital money networks have resorted to wasteful designs to secure their networks. Nano is smartly designed to address this issue by not relying on power-hungry mining for security, but instead uses a lightweight and efficient consensus protocol called Open Representative Voting (ORV) for minimal energy usage.


Digital money should be quick and easy-to-use. Whether buying goods at a store, transferring money across borders or making payments online, Nano transactions are completed in under a second so you no longer have to wait. And these are fully settled payments on the network, businesses no longer have to wait for credit card or banking network approval.

Essential Information

 Nano Price $0.818724 USD
Token Name  Nano
Token Symbol  NANO
 Nano ROI 8,893.25%
Website Link Home
Market Cap $109,093,548 USD
Circulating Supply 133,248,297 NANO
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Market Rank #94

More about Nano (NANO):

Nano (NANO) defi token built by professionals on a platform named Nano defi token provides an intuitive experience that feels like digital currency should – no fuss, no fees, no waiting, which this is what an available and easy-to-use digital money experience should feel like.

The Nano network includes a set of unique and efficient features to provide instant payments which require very little energy, are easy-to-use and provide the scalability needed for true digital money.

The structure of the ledger is called the Block Lattice and allows each account to have its own blockchain, rather than sharing one single chain everyone is competing to add blocks to. With this setup only the account owner can add blocks to their own chain, providing security while allowing many transactions to occur at the same time on the network.

The consensus mechanism, called Open Representative Voting (ORV), also provides useful differentiation from other networks. Consensus is reached through representatives voting on the validity of individual blocks shared on the network. The voting weight for each representative is assigned to them by the account owners and is in proportion to the Nano in those accounts. Account owners can still use funds without restrictions as no staking is involved and the representatives have no control over funds, they just get voting rights from them.

If you are interested in more details about the features of the Nano protocol, we recommend checking out our documentation, starting with What is Nano?


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 Nano (NANO) Scam or Not?

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