New DeFi Index From DeFi Pulse and Set Protocol

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Data company DeFi Pulse and investment-minded Set Protocol have created a permissionless index of the best DeFi tokens, called the DeFiPulse Index.
DeFi Pulse has become the major source of information for assessing which projects are leading and rising, judged by the total amount of crypto staked on each one, which the firm calls Total Value Locked (TVL).
“We want a way that people can get exposure to DeFi without having to go and buy every token individually, because that costs a lot of gas,” Scott Lewis of DeFi Pulse told CoinDesk.
ETH users can now get exposure to a curated set of DeFi projects by buying one token which is called DPI, available now on Uniswap: No staking, rebasing, swapping or composing is needed. It will also be available on Set’s TokenSets, through Zapper, Argent, Dharma and others.
“Decentralized finance is infrastructure to enable human coordination. Traditional finance is also infrastructure to incentivize human coordination, and when humans work together it produces value,” Lewis said. “It’s still early. We still have to figure out if that’s an experiment that works.”
DeFiPulse Index
The index will have 10 DeFi tokens: LEND, YFI, COMP, SNX, MKR, REN, KNC, LRC, BAL and REP. This is arranged from the largest portion of the index (LEND at 18.3%) to the smallest (REP at 1.63%).
“It’s like a [market] cap-weighted index,” Lewis explained, which he described as “analogous to how the S&P 500 is weighted.”
The team has an extensive list of criteria for tokens included on the list, including always limiting it to Ethereum, eschewing synthetics, options, wrapped tokens and tokens that stand in for real-world assets. Tokens must have some respectable time in the markets and of course they have to be listed on DeFi Pulse.
Set CEO Felix Feng highlighted that while there are some synthetic options that represent the same exposure, DeFiPulse Index will represent real assets. In other words, a trader could take the DPI token to Set and redeem it for the actual underlying assets.
The index will be always rebalanced, though probably at the beginning more frequently than the quarterly rebalancing more typical indexes use. It’ll depend on market conditions, both Set and DeFi Pulse noted, with the goal of moving to quarterly shifts finally.
The initial token targets a price of about $100 each, though like all crypto it will be divisible so traders can buy in at any amount they like.
Not only is DeFi complicated, but as its popularity grows many untrustworthy projects have arisen. A part of the purpose of the DeFiPulse Index is to allow buyers know the coins represent vetted projects.
“DeFi Pulse makes its reputation from separating authentic projects from inauthentic projects,” Lewis said. “We’ve talked to enough teams all over DeFi to sense which ones are really trying to build quality projects.”
Most users can access to DeFiPulse Index by purchasing on exchanges like Uniswap, though for larger traders and desks they can also mint the token directly through Set Protocol, by depositing the underlying assets directly.
“I think one of the things that’s really exciting about the DeFiPulse Index is we think it’s going to be a pretty key asset in the entire industry. We anticipate that this asset will be used for yield farming,” Feng said.
Set v2
“The crypto market’s changed a lot. The kinds of strategies that people are interested in change depending on the market,” Feng said.
The DeFiPulse Index is the first product coming out of Set Protocol v2.0. Over the period of “crypto winter,” Feng said, Set focused on two-token sets that became valuable through programmatic trades based on technical analysis. It’s what the company had to do, but enabling indexes was always what Set wanted the most.
This index represents the first offering from v2, Feng added. Later on, the company will debut indices that can incorporate the more complicated features of DeFi, like derivatives.
Tokens with unusual behaviors, like AMPL’s rebasing mechanism, would not work for the current stage of v2, but that’s coming. Set will be rolling out updates next year.
Within the current DPI array, there are tokens such as YFI that earn a small amount of dividend by staking, but YFI in the index won’t be staking and COMP won’t be engaging in governance, at least not at the first.
“Currently the initial version will be abstaining [from voting]. But in the future we could enable active participation of the token in governance. Or even to generate additional yield,” Feng explained.
Feng described DeFi Pulse as a natural first partner for the product. “DeFi Pulse is one of the main destinations in DeFi,” Feng said. “Given their understanding of all the different projects and their growth, they had really good domain knowledge.”

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