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Noiz Ico Review

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NOIZ is a communication & marketing technology platform turning engagement into impact. It does so by using AI-powered marketing campaigns and data monetization to thwart ad fraud and help businesses create real personalization across customer journeys, resulting in higher engagement and greater returns on marketing investment. Consumers who monetize their data are rewarded in NOIZ tokens. In the fashion of a loyalty program framework, they can redeem their NOIZ tokens for special offers, and redeemed tokens are donated to social impact organizations. This boosts the profile of the brand that provided the special offer, and this is how engagement becomes impact through NOIZ. Using an SDK and API, NOIZ has integrated its AI-powered marketing campaigns with WordPress, email service providers, blockchain protocols, ad networks, chatbot services, payment gateways, and messenger apps. NOIZ is bringing scalability to the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency through online marketing.
We are an AI + blockchain communication platform that allows brands and consumers to chat with one another directly in online ads, messaging apps and the NOIZ app.
Conversions are made faster, ads can be equipped with payment gateways, conversation is turned into valuable insight and consumers can comfortably surf the web.
The Mission
Help consumers and brands work together to create better online experiences for all, while also generating a new line of sustainable support for social impact organizations.

Essential Information

Ico Time Unknown
Token Name Noiz
Token Symbol Noz
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
Bounty Available
Whitelist/KYC KYC/Whitelist
Hong Kong
Restricted Country USA, China

More About Noiz :

NOIZ is an AI-enabled, decentralized ad exchange platform based on the blockchain. It provides data transparency and solves the problem of ad fraud by using a Proof of Engagement concept that validates user data. NOIZ also gives consumers control of their data privacy so they’re constantly aware of what information is shared through the ad exchange network.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal was just an example where profiles of 50M people were stolen and profiled for tip elections in 30+ countries. Consumers are also subjected to irrelevant ads – Upto 46% consumers agree that the ads they look at maybe irrelevant. All parties involved are connected to social impact projects, thus improving the communities in which consumers and brands exists. Hotmob, a native ad distribution platform for mobile users, is serving 1M impressions on a daily basis, which will support in distributing NOIZ to the consumers.


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Is Noiz Scam or Not?
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