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OneHash Review

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OneHash is a mutual betting site that supports Bitcoin. There are also few casino games available like Dice or Slots.

What is mutual betting? Shortly it means that all bets are placed together in a pool. The payout is calculated by sharing the pool with all winning bets. Keep on reading to find more about this exciting type of betting.

Essential Information
Casino Link
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC)
currencies No
Casino games All games are in-house made
casino game providers In-house made game
Restricted countries:
Mobile Casino
 English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, French

More About OneHash:

OneHash is a mutual betting site that supports Bitcoin. There are also four in-house made casino games: Dice, Goals, Moon and Slots.
What is mutual betting? It means that all bets are placed together in a pool. The payout is calculated by sharing the pool with all winning bets.
The stakes are free from corporate algorithms. At OneHash the betting stays with humans – no more fixed odds by a computer or a big corporate bookie.
Mutual betting works like this:

  • You can choose the side to your bet
  • Every bet made influences the winning multiplier until the pool closes
  • After the match outcome, winners split the pot proportionally to their contribution.

This Youtube-video from OneHash explains the idea behind mutual betting:

You can place bets on many types of sports. There are the more traditional sports types like football, basketball, tennis, hockey, American football, baseball, rugby, volleyball, handball, combat sports and motorsports.
There are also eSports options like CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL).
Special events include betting options like Nobel Peace Prize winner or the next EU Commission president. There has been even many entertainment betting options like Game of Thrones betting!

eSports betting options at OneHash

Here is a sample of the eSports betting options at OneHash, here some CS:GO tournaments coming up!

How to bet on OneHash

You can bet with two ways.

  • First way: If you want to bet with OneHash wallet, just put the amount you want to bet and click “Place a bet” button. First you must of course deposit some Bitcoins to your account.
  • The second way is to bet with individual transfer directly to the deposit address of the bet.
    • First name your Bitcoin wallet address where you want your possible winnings to be sent after the bet.
    • After that, a unique address is generated where you can send the Bitcoins for the bet
    • Enter your email address if you want to receive email updates on the bet outcome

So signing up is not necessary, but it brings you some benefits. You can access your personal betting history, customize your visible betting offers and you get information about new features, events and special bonuses.

OneHash – Pros

  • Simple website and very clear information about the mutual betting functionality
  • Anonymous betting site and casino
  • Low house edge

OneHash – Cons

  • Not many casino games and there could be more betting choices
  • Only Bitcoin supported
  • The casino games lack information about the exact house edge % and game functionality


You can get a faucet bonus to all of the four casino games. Receive free Bitcoins up to 0.000001 BTC. Click “faucet” button in the game screens to find more about this bonus.
There are no deposit bonuses now to OneHash, but we will let you know if the situation changes!

Casino games

OneHash brings you four different casino games: Dice, Goals, Moon and Slots.

All of the games are provably fair and in-house made. Remember also the faucet bonus button, where you can receive up to 0.000001 BTC of free Bitcoins for gaming.

The exact house edge % is not shown on games, which is something OneHash could improve.


OneHash Dice game is a classic Bitcoin dice. The game works like this:

  • Choose a number between 2 and 98
  • Decide if you want to bet the roll to be over or under that number
  • The harder your bet is, the bigger your payout will be if you hit

There is also an autobet feature and hotkeys if you want to play with a keyboard.

Bitcoin dice at OneHash.

Bitcoin dice game at OneHash.


In the goals game you must shoot penalty shots to the goalie. The game goes like this in the novice mode:

  • Choose your bet amount
  • Choose where you want to shoot (3 options)
  • After each shot you can choose if you want to stay and take the bet or take a risk and shoot
  • The more you shoot, the more the profit goes up

In the novice level the goalie will block one shot and 2 goes in. In pro level there are two choices and one wins and one gets busted.

The expert level is harder version of the novice level and the goalie is better skilled. But at the same time the profits go up also much faster if you are lucky.

Goals game.

Goals game.

Goals game

Do you cash out or shoot one more shot?


In the Moon game you must decide how close to the moon you dare to fly. The farther you hodl, the more the profit multiplier goes up.

But don’t hold too long as the space shuttle always crashes at some point!

Press tutorial button for more info about all the features.

Moon game.

Moon game.


Slots game is a classic 3-reel slot game with 1-3 lines to bet.

If you get three OneHash symbols you can win up to x1000 with a single roll. The OneHash symbol is also a wildcard. Full multiplier list can be seen from the rules button.

Press tutorial button for more info about all the features.

Onehash slots game.

Onehash slots game.


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Is OneHash Scam or Not?

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