Panther Defi Coin Protocol Review: Legit or Scam?

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Panther Defi Review

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Panther Defi Coin Scam or Panther Defi Coin Legit?

What are you going to find about Panther Defi Coin Protocol Review?

Panther Defi Coin is one of the Defi Tokens that you should have information about. This is Panther Defi Coin review. We are giving you information about whether is Panther Defi Coin Legit or is Panther Defi Coin scam. This is a review that helps you to know Panther Defi Coin Token. Here is Panther Defi Coin Protocol Review that you should read before engaging in this project: Panther is an interoperable privacy solution focused on the needs of decentralized finance traders and investors. Due to the immutable and transparent nature of public blockchains, DeFi users are subject to surveillance and economic espionage. Transactional privacy is in high demand, as it allows retail, whales and institutional users to protect their competitive advantages by not allowing adversaries to reverse engineer and front-run their strategies. Traders lose their alpha very quickly in DeFi and one of Panther’s strongest value propositions is to help traders protect that alpha. Panther Protocol allows users to mint fully collateralized private assets called zAssets, private synthetics of any digital asset – think zBTC, zETH and zUSD. Users deposit their digital assets in a vault and receive zAssets in their Panther wallet. Such zAssets can be confidentially routed through the Panther network for use across all of DeFi. Panther Protocol, a privacy-preserving protocol for digital assets focused on DeFi, has released its comprehensive whitepaper today. Formed in 2020 by leading entrepreneurs and technologists, Oliver Gale (CEO) and Anish Mohammed (CTO), Panther Protocol positions itself as a decentralized privacy metaprotocol that enables confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability in DeFi.

Essential Information

Support 24/7
Token Name Panther
Short Name NFT
Contract Address N/A
Website Link Home
NFT Reward 50%
Circulating Supply N/A
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Whitepaper Whitepaper

More about Panther Defi Coin Protocol Review:

Due to the immutable and transparent nature of public blockchains, DeFi users are subject to surveillance and economic espionage. There is no privacy on-chain. Retail, institutional traders and whales risk losing their competitive advantages by having their transaction history observed, strategies reverse engineered and front run, rapidly turning their alpha into obsolete tactics.

Groundbreaking privacy-enhancing technology for DeFi

Panther Protocol provides DeFi users with interoperable, fully collateralized privacy enhancing digital assets, leveraging zkSNARK technology and offering a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy. Users are able to mint zero knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults and using these zAssets across a full range of DeFi applications.

Panther is an end-to-end privacy protocol:

Panther Wallet

A browser-based self-custodial wallet. Users manage their own keys, generate stealth addresses and can vote on governance proposals.

Panther Vaults

Autonomous, zero knowledge, self-custodial smart contracts which act as decentralized custodians for collateral of zAssets.

Privacy Miners

Network participants which are rewarded in $ZKP tokens for providing zAssets to Panther to increase the anonymity set.

Layer 1 interchain DEX

Allow users to transact between peerchains through private cross-chain transactions.

Service Providers

Allow trusted Panther protocol users to privately transact with their zAssets in a compliance-friendly manner.

Trust Providers

Panther Provide verifiable statements about users which allow service providers to trust those users.

Panther DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization for protocol governance.

Panther Token

A finite supply, the privacy-preserving gas token used to pay for fees in the Panther ecosystem, also used to vote in the DAO. The Panther Token is a finite supply, the privacy-preserving gas token used to pay for fees within the Panther ecosystem and represents a right to participate in Panther governance, and for voting on Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs).

Composable Privacy for all of DeFiz

Assets are designed to be cross-chain – an ever-expanding privacy-infused asset class that becomes interoperable with Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos, Flare, Binance Chain and Avalanche. The vision is to take zAssets wherever DeFi goes.

An intuitive solution for a complex problem.

Panther Wallet is a browser-based self-custodial wallet. The Panther Wallet prevents address reuse, enables private connections to Ethereum DeFi using stealth addresses and is used for voting on governance proposals.

With our data, you can see that Panther Legit or Panther scam.


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Panther Defi Coin Scam or Panther Defi Coin  Legit?

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