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Pawtocol Ico Review – Is it Scam Or Not?

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Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who are disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology while monetizing data about their pets.

Pawtocol helps pet owners collect and manage data about their pets collected from several different sources including IOT devices, vets and more. Users on the platform will always maintain control over the data about their pets.

Created by a team of animal lovers including data scientists, veterinarians, engineers, economists, and strategic advisors, Pawtocol provides a revolutionary new form of communication for the entire pet industry.

Essential Information

Token Name Pawtocol
Token Symbol UPI
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
Token price 1 UPI = 0.027 USD
Hard cap $ 27,000,000
World Rank Alexa
Whois View here

More About :

What Pawtocol Does:
  1. Help a global community of pet parents collect and process data about their pet’s well-being through the use of sensors and professionals to help prevent illness through tailored care and nutrition instructions.
  2. Gives users a Universal Pet Income (UPI Token) that compensates them for the value of the data they provide to the network. UPI can be exchanged for products and services on the platform.
  3. Helps eliminate predatory marketing practices while recommending medicines, foods, treats, and toys from providers proven to benefit pet well-being.
How Pawtocol Does It
1- Rewarding Participation

Traditional online networks have profited for years from users interacting with and helping to shape their platforms. Pawtocol will reverse this model by compensating users for their interactions, insights, and data.

Pawtocol also seeks to help businesses, vets, and pet-based services to reduce their advertising costs while still reaching the users who are best matched to their offerings.

  • Rewarding Users

In addition to getting UPI Tokens for participating, users will gain points, badges, ascend ranks, and increase their status on the network. All interactions with the platform will be gamified, fun, and enjoyable.

  • Rewarding Businesses

Participating businesses will benefit from targeted in-app recommendations and the opportunity to gain trust-boosting badges. Interaction with the network will put businesses directly in front of well-matched new customers.

2- Artificial Intelligence

Pawtocol brings the worlds most powerful diagnostic databases and AI to pet owners and makes informed recommendations based on knowledge of their own pets. Pawtocol is your personal pet AI working in service of you and your pet. As it gets to know your pet, it’s recommendations get smarter and smarter.

As your personal Pawtocol AI gets more advanced the entire network gets better at completing its goal of providing longer and happier lives for pets everywhere.

AI –The Pawtocol AI is the driving force behind your pet’s well-being.

The insights and revelations provided by the AI’s ability to analyze patterns and trends while assessing risk will change the way you care for your pets forever.

Recommendations –The AIs main goal is to analyze data and find trends that result in healthier pets.

You get information about these trends through unbiased product recommendations based on actual data about your pet.


Pawtocol is building a multi-functional platform that can seamlessly integrate into the average pet parent’s daily life, to make crucial pet care decisions easier, reduce the lifetime cost of pet ownership, and ultimately improve the lives of pets everywhere.


The Pawtocol vision is to introduce the new era of decentralization and transparency to the pet industry.

Network participants will be incentivized to collect and feed data to Pawtocol’s AI – which in turn will make AI-enhanced diet and care recommendations for crowd-verified food products, toys, and service providers. Pawtocol will naturally reward quality businesses by allowing their products and services to appear in targeted in-app recommendations and open doors to a vast audience of new potential customers.

The market for electronic pet wearable devices is on the rise and in need of a unified ecosystem for a pet owner to connect their devices and stay updated on their pet’s well-being through a single interface. Pet technology will be given an interconnected platform where various pet tech wearables and IoT devices can connect, share their data, and interact via the Pawtocol API.

Across many industries, the platform business model has become a crucial building block for waves of technological innovations. The most advanced digital products and services that come to market today are based on platform business models; a model that most business owners have begun to explore and intend to make core to their growth strategies. Pawtocol uses a platform business model–and is the first pet technology platform to incorporate AI learning along with a blockchain-based incentivization structure.


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Is Scam or Not?
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