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PodMiners (POMT) ICO Review

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PodMiners is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NamePodMiners
Token SymbolPOMT
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 POMT = 0.0011 ETH
AcceptingETH, BTC
Restricted areasIndia, USA

More about PodMiners (POMT) ICO:

PodMiners is a digital radio & podcasting platform, built on top of blockchain technology. It is created & crafted with love for creators (broadcasters, online publishers, media persons) & consumers.

PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that promotes freedom of speech. Based on blockchain technology this platform has a lot to offer to the radio and podcast industry. The podcast industry is growing for the last few years, but there are some major challenges in front of podcasters. These include fair monetization, maintaining an online reputation, ad frauds, the involvement of third parties, etc. Implementation of blockchain technology will cut down these barriers and create a transparent ecosystem for content creators as well as consumers.

With the current features, content creators can upload a pre-recorded podcast to PodMiners and share it to various social media platforms. The live streaming and in show live calling capabilities to make the host connect to their audience around the world.

PodMiners, with continuous development, is aiming to bring creators, consumers, and advertisers together as a part of the global community. PodMiners also aims to add more advanced features like tracking the content ownership that exists on the platform, enabling in show advertisements, blockchain-based review system, video streaming model.

The ecosystem will work on the internal digital currency PodMiners Token (POMT). The creators, consumers and service providers will be benefited from the incentives in the form of POMT.

PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that allows the content creators, consumers and advertisers to collaborate on a global level. The platform is based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a public ledger that allows everyone to check the data records. The transaction once recorded can not be manipulated. Combining blockchain with podcasting will bring transparency and trust to the ecosystem and solve many problems that exist in the podcast industry.

The platform has its own digital currency named PodMiners Token (POMT). The value of the Token will increase with time as the consumption will increase.

Social Contributions

PodMiners aims to focus on the women and child empowerment and will come forward for any contribution needed. The PodMiners Organisation also supports the immediate cause like hunger, medical care, and war. We believe that in this growing industry our organization has to take the social step when increasing the market share or having profits. With the increasing competition in any industry, every user needs quality services and products but they also care about their contribution they can make for the betterment of society. So being a part of PodMiners you also indirectly take part in our organizational growth & social cause of making this world a better place together. Thus in return, it helps the business to participate in the social welfare programs and contributions also.

  • Awareness programs & seminars for the women to spread knowledge about their health, rights, home-based working and more.
  • To help for food, medical services, clothes in case of immediate cause or disaster.
  • Primary education of the children.
  • Availability of books, uniforms, and other educational material.
  • Practical knowledge of the computer with proper training by professionals.


It is believed that digital media platforms are tough competition for the radio and podcast industry. The podcasters have to struggle hard to reach and hold long-time listeners. Financing, press freedom, copyright violation, low-quality content & discoverability are some of the serious issues in the industry.
PodMiners is a platform for podcasting and live radio streaming. Based on the blockchain technology, this platform has a lot to offer to the industry. The podcasters or content creators can register and authorize their content as a programmed contract directly to the blockchain. Creators can monetize their content and with these contracts, collection and distribution of the payments remain under the creator’s control.
Not just the creators, this platform is beneficial for the advertisers also. Podcast ads have the potential to increase the product reach, awareness and revenue. Also, the conversion rate of podcast ads has seen a potential increase in the last couple of years.
PodMiners ecosystem allows consumers a consistent experience and access to the PodMiners APIs through a developer marketplace. It is a medium of exchange where the creators, consumers, and advertisers can collaborate on the same platform by building a global community.
Financing, press freedom, copyright violation, low-quality content, discoverability is some of the serious issues in the industry. Media persons and journalists are the ones who deliver the news to the audience. But they are not free to speak the truth or to share their thoughts. The journalism has been overshadowed by the politics and TRP, for many years, forcing the truth to remain under covers.

PodMiners believes in promoting freedom of speech. Hence, implementing the blockchain technology to create a transparent ecosystem. With blockchain, comes the smart contract that makes the platform more secure and transparent for content creators, consumers, and advertisers. The enhanced features like a switchboard, live streaming, live calling, one-click publishing on multiple platforms, more detailed analytics for every episode as well as live audience, integration of advertisement and video streaming model will add more value to the PodMiners.

PodMiners Vision

We strongly believe that podcasting and radio industry will grow during the next decade. This will open many opportunities for businesses and podcasters. In fact, we can see the industry is already growing since 2013. There are some areas that still need some work.
Our vision at PodMiners is to have a transparent product and service ecosystem for the global community with the ability to track the content ownership, reward content creators and end the ad frauds within the advertisement industry. PodMiners is actively working to develop new models to make the podcasting, live radio streaming and ROI on ad spend, even better.
PodMiners creators are confident that with the implementation of blockchain, PodMiners will become a secure and transparent platform loved by all. Our long term vision is to become one of the best marketplaces that users will love, based on the blockchain technology that utilizes a personalized cryptocurrency- POMT (PodMiners Token), for the internal operations. There is a lot more to be added, we will keep upgrading the platform with more interesting and needed features as we grow.

No doubt, podcast and radio industry is growing with time and getting a good response from the users as well as advertisers. If we see analytics after 2013, the podcast industry has improved. The number of podcast listeners has increased. Also, there’s a growth on the podcast ad spending. In 2018, the ad spending was 295 Million USD and expected to increase up to 395 Million USD by 2020. Despite the growth, some major issues still exist.

Freedom of Expression

When everyone is busy in their life and has no time for reading long blogs and articles, digital media is seeing good growth. For content creators, creating audio or video content is a good way to reach out to the audience. According to a report, in America, the journalists don’t get enough attention and have to face the scathing cuts. The reason could be content censorability or politics. We all know about the shadow banning and political influence on today’s media. Everyone has their own set of rules based on their own ideology to censor the content. Publications and media houses decide how the content will be distributed according to their benefits. So the content creators have to find other ways, out of journalism, to reach out to the audience but not everyone is able to get the freedom to speak their mind. Various platforms have their own terms and conditions, stopping the content creators from sharing what they think.


PodMiners is working to promote freedom of speech by implementing blockchain technology. There will not be any censorship or shadow banning or politics that will hold the content creator from speaking their mind. But that

doesn’t mean people can share anything by copying. The blockchain smart contract and algorithms will be enhanced and made better to check the content ownership.


It is the biggest problem not even for newbies but for experienced podcasters too. No matter on which topic your podcast is based, or how good you are at speaking, you need to put your efforts to reach out to the maximum audience.
Solution:With PodMiners, discoverability and accessibility is not an issue. This platform provides creators, the ability to auto-publish their content across various social media platforms. They can ask their friends and followers on various platforms to share it more. They can also offer POMT to the audience for sharing and remarking their content.

● Monetization

Monetizing your content means making money from it. There are some content creators who are doing very well in their field while on the other hand; many creators are struggling hard to cover their out of pocket expenses to pay for the recording equipment or studio fees. Despite producing high-quality content, they are not able to earn much.
Solution:PodMiners want its users to flourish financially, thus enabling the inshow advertisement model will allow ecosystem users to monetize their content globally subjected to the term and conditions. It will not only reward creators but the consumers also to perform the desired activities based on advertisers needs.


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PodMiners (POMT) ICO Scam or Not?

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