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Prediqt Ico Review

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The PREDIQT platform is a marketplace for the largest asset in the world – consumer data. PREDIQT provides a platform where data is exchanged for its true value. PREDIQT’s platform already has access to 50+ million consumers and has some of the largest global companies buying its data. PREDIQT’s pilot data collection App has gone viral with 85K downloads, with almost NO marketing. Target is for 100 millon users in 5 years. PREDIQT leverages existing networks for near limitless scaling and for a token economy with immense utility value.

Essential Information

Ico Time
Token Name Telescopia
Token Symbol PQT
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
0.000054 USD
Soft Cap
2,700,000 USD
Hard Cap
27,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Restricted Country
USA, China, Japan, Canada, Afghanistan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen.

More About :

1. Introduction

PREDIQT’s blockchain platform is disrupting the way consumer data is being monetized by companies like Facebook and other data gatherers, by “tokenizing” personal data and properly compensating consumers for providing quality data. Today market research firms are experiencing a severe decline in consumer participation. People don’t want the bother. The consumers that do participate provide poor data. At the same time, collection of insight from big data is ripe with fraudulent transactions from hacks and bots.

The problems exist because the current system of paying for consumer data is outdated and insufficient.

PREDIQT solves this inadequacy with its blockchain enabled platform which includes an App that makes it easy for consumers to provide data in a safe and rewarding way. Consumers become part of a global community of users where they receive the value they deserve. To grow this community, PREDIQT has integrated with the largest consumer data exchanges accessing over 50 million consumers globally.

2 | The Data Market
In 2018, $170 billion was spent globally on advertising. $46 billion was spent globally on
market research just to guide to the $170 billion in advertising expenditure (ESOMAR
Global study 2018).
3 | The Problem
Today’s businesses are spending an estimated $46 billion on research and data to guide their $170 billion of ad spend. However, the traditional datasets they are using are riddled with problems. Analysis of current data collection reveals the following issues:

  • There is a lot of inaccurate data.
  •  Data is limited to a small number of unmotivated respondents.
  •  The information is hard to work with and offers few insights.
  • Data is often untimely and unreliable.

Companies pay too much for too little.
Consumers are also harmed by this status quo. Their privacy is rarely respected and they are given no incentives to participate in data-collection. Consumers only risk inaccurate conclusions about their interests and profiles.
4 | The Solution
The solution is tokenized consumer data. PREDIQT’s model uses the token economy to reward consumers for providing high-quality data to its data marketplace. The more useful the data, the larger the reward.
For brands, this means more accurate information provided by more motivated consumers.
They can make decisions based on accurate data rather than old-fashioned, unreliable data sources.
The PREDIQT model is unique in that PREDIQT will serve as a centralized data validator
ensuring quality data where everyone wins. This disruptive approach offers immen value
to all participants in the data economy.
Transactions are executed quickly and efficiently on our blockchain.

4.1 PREDIQT Platform
• PREDIQT’s blockchain platform provides an alternative incentive and execution system. Through smart contracts, a better matched exchange of value for data between consumers (panelist) and companies is achieved.
• PREDIQT injects a validation process to ensure a standard of data is achieved before transactions are completed.
4.1.2 The PREDIQT App
Consumers access our platform through the PREDIQT App.

The App enables consumers to earn tokens for their valuable input. The more the consumer provides data and the more it is used by buyers, the more tokens they
The App will compensate the consumer for the kind of data and the amount of data they provide, whether it is data gathered in the background as they use their device, or from
surveys. Consumers will earn tokens for their participation and they will be scored for
the value of their participation (In the way Uber scores riders and drivers).
4.1.3 Data Purchase Portal
Businesses will reach over 50 million consumers through the PREDIQT Web dashboard (currently in beta). The dashboard allows for targeting consumers with specific profiles and demographics.

The dashboard also allows for selection based on pre validated quality. Thus allowing
businesses to receive the quality of data that they intend to pay for.
5.0 Traction
5.1 Milestones
The PREDIQT App was launched less than 1 year ago to prove that a new “value for data” model works. PREDIQT has spent nearly zero ($0) dollars on marketing to achieve over 85K downloads of the PREDIQT App with 1000 daily active users. Influencers are making videos endorsing our App urging users to receive value for their data. Multinational companies like Nielsen, Survey Monkey, OMD and Duracell are buying data from PREDIQT.
5.2 Industry Traction
PREDIQT’s platform produces validated data that has demonstrated significant improvement in data quality. Companies such as Nielsen, Kantar and Qualtrics are buying data from PREDIQT. Below is a list of other companies purchasing PREDIQT data.

6.0 Roadmap
6.1 Operating Platform
The PREDIQT platform is operating and generating revenues. The PREDIQT App is integrated with data exchanges and v1 of our blockchain is linked to the App through API for blockchain transaction execution. As part of its roadmap, PREDIQT will incorporate complex data validation layers on top of the blockchain. Additional AI methods for qualifying data in real time will also be developed.
6.2 Marketing
PREDIQT has spent nearly zero ($0) funds for marketing. Current marketing has been
conducted through partnerships. Initiatives in Ad Networks, Social Media, Targeted Marketing and use of Affiliate programs will drive consumer use base and business data
purchases immensely.
6.3 Data Segments
We are in the process of running live projects through our integrated platform. Panelists are recruited via the exchange and we are applying our quality filters to the data. These
filters are first applied semi-automatically as we fine tune our screening with the next step being full automation and machine learned screening.
6.4 User Base
At time of this writing PREDIQT ‘s App achieved over 85,000 downloads in 12 month’s time with 1000+ daily active consumers. This was achieved with near zero marketing expense and piloted in a few select countries. Going forward, through focused marketing initiatives and engagement globally, PREDIQT intends to reach 100M users by 2024.


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