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About apollox.com:

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Our Story

ApolloX is the world’s first CEX-DEX hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. Launched in 2021, users enjoy safe and smooth trading on ApolloX CEX and DEX with up to 150x leverage. With a wide selection of spot and futures markets, a complete suite of trading services and a robust ApolloX ecosystem, ApolloX is making crypto and blockchain accessible to everyone. In 2022, ApolloX announced ApolloX 2.0, a token burn plan and its transition to ApolloX DAO.

What IsApolloX?

‘ApolloX’ is the combination of the word ‘Apollo’ and the letter ‘X’. Apollo refers to the Apollo program, which succeeded in landing the first humans on the Moon. X stands for crypto exchange. The name ApolloX represents our wish for the growing crypto industry and our exchange.

Our mission

We believe in the future of blockchain technology and strive to make cryptocurrencies widely available to everyone. Investing and speculating in crypto assets has become over-complicated and too technical. Our mission is to make this amazing technology open to everybody, regardless of their abilities. We are developing a new, easy-to-use platform where users can buy, sell, hold and speculate on crypto assets. Designed by ordinary people with extraordinary values.

3 things you need to know about APX token

Fair Launch

No investor allocation; No team allocation; No pre-mining

Tons of Utility

Boost trading rewards and pay trading fees using APX; More use cases are coming soon

Our Advantages

  • Freedom of choice
  • Deep liquidity
  • Fast and stable system
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Complete a trade within a few minutes

1. Create an Account

2. Account Deposit

3. Start Trading

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