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About us

BitGlobal global strategic planning, not only in shaping the moment but also in the future. We hope to be the first to express its determination and goal to create a “professional and globalized” cryptocurrency trading platform through a new iterative update. Instead, we want to build a global presence with high brand awareness and recognition by connecting with users, organizations, and project partners from different parts of the world. In addition to the rebranding, BitGlobal’s official domain name will also be officially updated on

More on that, BitGlobal is also in the process of processing a full update on the official website, the app’s mobile user interface, and the background functions will be fully optimized. We offer a pleasant and comfortable trading experience for global investors in the world of cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of 2021, the BitGlobal team started the system aspects, risk control, security, matchmaking, and other core elements of the overall optimization and coordination to significantly improve the efficiency of the system. The security centers have also been structurally optimized for the most common functions such as user registration, authentication, deposits, and withdrawals.

BitGlobal will also organize celebrations and events related to the update of the brand on our trading platform, social networks (Twitter), and community (Telegram) so that all of our new and existing users can experience the changes this brand update brings.

Why Bit Global?


Brand Reputation & Fund Custody, securing your assets


Millions of TPS & Distributed Architecture, bringing you excellent transaction experience


Financial Derivatives & Preferred Projects, showing you more possibilities for wealth discovery

Trade Anywhere

Real-time streaming quotes, professional market charts, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and detailed trading records on the app


Global ecological layout for free trading


Long term deep plowing on the crypto exchange


A professional customer at your service


User System

The user systems of each sub-station are connected and meet the regulatory requirements of various countries


Support all the currencies currently available on Bit Global, as well as currency transactions in the future. Support the unified management of assets of various sub-station, candy airdrop, and other services. Cold and hot wallet separation + risk blown to ensure the safety of funds.


MatchingEach sub-station jointly combines transactions and shares the same transaction depth.

Safety Control

Bit Global provides global risk control to detect and address potential risks in all areas in real time.


Support the construction of each sub-station brand. Supports multiple access methods such as APP, Web, and WAP. Support multi-language, multi-currency. review , Is Scam or Legit ?


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