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6% daily for 30 days / 7% daily for 40 days / 8% daily for 50 days


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Smart Investing Way

BIT SATE LTD, based in London, is a company founded in 2022 that presents a completely futuristic way of managing assets. A company founded by traders and people passionate about the latest technologies and the latest trends in asset management. The background for the work of our traders is the cryptocurrency markets, in particular NFT tokens and altcoins. We trade on both traditional and decentralized exchanges that can bring you amazing profits. The advancement of NFT technology has created new opportunities to achieve amazing rates of return on arbitration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invite as many users as possible, showing them the possibility of simple asset management. Our system does not require any skills, no professional knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies or NFT technology. We want to give everyone the option to multiply their financial resources. Fast, safe, and putting your assets into the management of a team composed of talented, creative people with vast knowledge and experience. Our platform is dedicated to everyone, both beginners and advanced users. We want to promote digital asset management, mainly using cryptocurrencies, which leads to much higher profits than just holding.

Investment Plans


6% Daily Return

 Min: $20 Max: $1,999

 30 Calendar Days 80% Net Profit

 Principal Included Total: 180% ROI


7% Daily Return

 Min: $2,000 Max: $4,999

 40 Calendar Days 180% Net Profit

 Principal Included Total: 280% ROI


8% Daily Return

 Min: $5,000 Max: $200,000

 50 Calendar Days300% Net Profit

 Principal Included Total: 400% ROI

Affiliate Program


1st Line


2nd Line


3rd Line

Our Affiliate Program gives you unlimited earnings opportunities by inviting other people to invest. You will receive a lifetime commission on the value of each deposit or reinvestment in the 3 lines below you (5%-2%-1%). Copy your referral link and start sharing it in as many places as possible. Use social media, and build your network of referrals. You do not need to have your own deposit to use the affiliate program. Earnings are unlimited and your commission will be instantly added to your account balance.

How does It work?

Register an Account

Open your account in 1 minute by entering your valid email address, username, and password.

Make a Deposit

Choose a plan depending on the amount you want to invest. You can use any of the 14 payment methods.

Withdraw Profits

Enjoy your daily profit and withdraw your earnings at any time. You can also reinvest earned funds. review , Is Scam or Legit ?


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