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5%-7% daily for 40 days, principal included


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Overview of Our Company

Cash Swan came into being after many years of thought, planning, market research, and market potential. The idea was to develop a platform where advanced financial trading methods could be used to provide individuals with a secondary source of income through reliable investments. Cash Swan came into being in late 2019 after many years of ideation, paperwork, and hard work.

After the company was registered, we tried to devise plans, affiliate, and representative programs and charted out the profit percentages in view of the income groups so that anyone can invest with us without any limitation of the maximum or minimum premium. Middle-income groups who mostly are in a need of an additional source of income can now make small investments with us. We help our investors earn continuous and guaranteed profits for a time period during which they can enjoy the daily profits and withdraw their profits.

Investment Offers

Choose from the 3 profitable options

Cash Swan offers 3 investment plans to choose from. We aim to include all income groups in our investment programs and hence offer 3 different plans with varied premiums for all income groups from $20 to $50000

Novice Plan $20 – $999

Ideal for starting investors | Total Profit: 200% in 40 Days

Hourly Rate: 0.21%

Principal Return: After 5 Days | Fee: 20% | 5% Daily

Intermediate Plan $1000 – $9999

Ideal for intermediate investors | Total Profit: 240% in 40 Days

Hourly Rate: 0.25%

Principal Return: After 5 Days | Fee: 20% | 6% Daily

Advanced Plan $10000 – $50000

Ideal for advanced investors | Total Profit: 280% in 40 Days

Hourly Rate: 0.30%

Principal Return: After 5 Days | Fee: 20 | 7% Daily

Reasons to Invest With Us

10 Years of Field Work

Cash Swan’s founding members possess 10 years of field work experience to provide its customers with expert financial investment services

Over 12M in Capital Backing

Over these past years, we have worked with over 12 million in capital banking and are working with the best of our knowledge to expand our assets

Top Security Measures Integrated

We understand that security is the key to handling financial data on the internet. Hence we use top security standards on our network to provide ultimate cyber security

Over 10 Acres of Land Secured

With our investments and revenue, we have been able to invest in over 10 acres of land and look forward to expanding our investments portfolio

Global Engineers Working 24/7

Our team comprises a diverse group of people coming from various backgrounds, nationalities, and skills. We aim to work with diversity and inclusivity

UK Registered Entity

Cash Swan has been registered in the UK under the Companies Registration Act of England and Wales. We are an authorized body based in the UK.

What are the minimum and maximum deposits allowed in each investment program?

Novice Plan: Starts with a minimum of $20 to $999

Intermediate Plan: Starts with a minimum of $1000 to $9999

Advanced Plan: Starts with a minimum of $10000 to $50000

What payment methods are accepted at

Currently, we accept PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash, Tron, USDT TRC20, and USDT ERC20.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

PerfectMoney – $1
Bitcoin – 10
Ethereum – 20
Tether ERC20 – 5
Bitcoin Cash – 10
Litecoin – 5
Dogecoin – 5
Dash – 5
Tron – 5
Tether TRC20 – 5

Are crypto withdrawals Instant?

Yes, All withdrawals are processed instantly. Crypto withdrawals might take time to recognize by your wallet as they need to be confirmed on the blockchain network.

Is there any fee to release the principal?

Yes, a 20% fee will be deducted whenever you release your initial deposit.

About Affiliation Program

What is Affiliation Program and How you may benefit from it?

Affiliation Programs help investors earn alongside their investments simply by using their affiliate links and referring us to their network. Cashswan offers 3 levels of referral profits and representative profits. By becoming our affiliate you are given a referral link.

By inducting members to through your referral link, you get an edge of being a source of expanding our network, and hence Cashswan pays 5% of their profits as a thanking token to the affiliate. The member earns their full profits and you earn an extra share of yours. If your referred member spreads the word and brings in more members to our network, you become a level 2 affiliate and upon a 3rd successive member added through your chain, you earn 1% of the profits.

OurReferral Levels 

  • 5% LEVEL 1
  • 3% LEVEL 2
  • 1% LEVEL 3

About Representative Program

What is the representative program and what are the benefits?

The representative is the CashSwan Investor who is well-known for inviting additional colleagues and assisting them in learning more about the CashSwan Project. Anyone may become a CashSwan representative and take advantage of all of the program’s perks.

If you’re a team leader with a following, you may take advantage of our representative program, which allows you to earn extra referral incentives and bonuses based on the turnover of your downline. You must have an active investment of USD 1000 or more and at least 5 active downlines to qualify for the representative position.

OurRepresentative Levels 

  • 10% LEVEL 1
  • 5% LEVEL 2
  • 2% LEVEL 3 review , Is Scam or Legit ?


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