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Celolaunch Ico

About Celolaunch Ico:

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About Celolaunch Ico

Celolaunch Ico provides a constantly expanding set of decentralized services by offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the DeFi industry as a whole,in CELO Network specifically.

Startups may boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing services. CeloLaunch major goal is to tackle the Celo Ecosystem’s illiquidity problem and give a single unified UX/UI on our platform.

Celo is unique in that it is focused on offering the easiest experience possible for end customers who may be unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and may be utilizing low-cost devices with inadequate connectivity. To do this, the project uses a full-stack approach, encompassing both the protocol and the apps that utilize it.

Celolaunch Ico is an open, distributed cryptographic protocol that enables programs to interact with and compute on a family of cryptocurrencies, including those tied to ‘fiat’ currencies such as the US Dollar. Celo Wallet, the first application in an ecosystem of applications, enables end users to manage accounts and make payments safely and easily by leveraging the Celo protocol’s features.

Token Basic Information

Token Name CeloLaunch
Token Symbol N/A
Tokens for Sale 3,000,000 cLA
Ico Price $0.152000
Fundraising Goal $456,000
Personal Cap 100 – 300 cUSD
Access Public
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


It is important to keep in mind that CeloLaunch tokenomics are built with the idea of creating long-term value. Great things take time to develop properly, and long-term commitment from the team is required for success. This can be seen in the following tokenomics.

CeloLaunch Ico($cLA) holders are able to purchase the NFT on platform to be eligible to participate in all CeloLaunch presales that have been approved by the CeloLaunch team.In addition, holders may earn passive income via cLA staking or farming via services.


Automated Market Maker (AMM) is one of the most important parts of the DeFi ecosystem allowing digital assets to be traded in an automatic way without permission by using liquidity pools rather than a traditional market of buyers and sellers. Users can trade CeloLaunch or any other tokens running in Celo Network on cLASwap via own router.


The system lets you start your own product on Celo Network as a token developer. They are also seeking for a variety of third-party reviewers who can evaluate various parts of your product.Utilizing technology as an incubator to launch your own incubated ideas on CeloLaunch. Investors are welcome to look over the most recent initiatives, carefully read reports from outside sources and conduct their own due diligence before engaging in any type of participation.

Liquidity Lockers​

​In the DeFi area, “locking liquidity” has become the norm and “rug pull” is the most feared term that no investors would like to encounter. CeloLaunch Team is glad to say that we pioneered this notion in which they provide an automatic liquidity lockers for project developers to employ as a security feature to lock their liquidity provider tokens.


Vesting Feature is available to project owners and early adopters as a stand-alone service that connects with our in-house platform, where wallets holding tokens are shown in a different UI allowing investors to review it more quickly.


Any cryptocurrency or token must establish market depth and stimulate liquidity. Farming feature provides project developers a method to reward their community by setting up a farming vault that pays liquidity providers with their own tokens. Following that, investors can use CeloLaunch to search for startups that interest them and give liquidity on those pairs.


CeloLaunch provides a service for sustainable projects that are always seeking for ways to reward their communities, such as generating staking contracts that encourage investors to take advantage of the benefits provided by their favorite startups.

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