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About cgi-trading:

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We deliver sustainable economic growth that is profitable, environmentally responsible and socially relevant.

CGI Trading Group is a diversified financial institution which combines a strong retail customer franchise and digital platform with deep corporate investment expertise and proven risk management and capital management capabilities. The company serves its various markets through four business segments: Retail, Business, Commercial and Corporate.

As part of its continued growth strategy, CGI Trading Group is focused on mainstreaming sustainable business practices into its operations. The company strives to deliver sustainable economic growth that is profitable, environmentally responsible and socially relevant, helping customers to access more and achieve their dreams.



There is no difficulty with CGI Trading Group. We make investment a simple journey for you by taking the right investment decisions that yield the best result. We take up this responsibility and make your decision to invest a smooth, stress-free and easy one.


Beyond being a medium of exchange, money is a personal asset that receives conscious and unconscious protection from either being lost or wrongly utilized. Investments are bold decisions to not only multiply this personal asset, but to secure it for more efficient and effective use. Our company is created with this narrative as a key player to ensure that your money does not just yield increase but are in a system that is recognized, certified and accountable.


In a world like ours, pace in delivery is strategic in achieving objectives. Our company structure is dynamically designed to promptly deliver ROIs to clients at stated time.

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