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Xoil Wars is a digital collectible card game

About Creo Engine Ico:

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About Rebelbots Ico

Rebelbots Ico – Xoil Wars is a cross platform card battle game, players will be able to play, progress and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi themed game taking place in outer space. The game will require players to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build their army of fighting robots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.

Rebel Bots is a new play-and-earn gaming brand emerged in July 2021 by a team of social games experts. The project took off with the initial sale of the Genesis Rebel Bots in August 2021, since it has gathered an engaged community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Back by gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Overwolf the Rebel Bots announced their first title, Xoil Wars which will be released at the end of Q2 2022. Xoil Wars is a cross platform card battle game and the first title to come out of the Rebel Bots universe.

Players will be able to play, progress and earn in a single player or multiplayer sci-fi themed game taking place in outer space. The game will require players to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build their army of fighting robots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Rebelbots Ico
Token Symbol NEST
Ico Price $0.100000
Token For Sale 1,500,000 RBLS
Fundraising Goal $150,000
Access Public
Support 24/7
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The vision is to create a leading game franchise within the blockchain games space by building the Rebel Bots brand with several gaming titles. Players will be able to use the characters they own in all the games within the Rebel Bots universe. Among our goals is to create true social games which enable players to join forces with other players, play both casual and competitive gameplay.


  • Use gameplay mechanics known to millions of players
  • Create simple FTUE (First Time User Experience) for non-NFT players
  • Launch the game with the help of thousands of Robot owners
  • Create a sustainable Play-to-Earn economy
  • Build the Rebel Bots universe in which players can play their characters
    in multiple games

Kingdom lands

Lands are the game’s second most valuable NFT, without land players aren’t able to play. Lands are initially sold directly to players on the game’s website while secondary land sales will be done on the game’s internal marketplace.

Each land is located in a different habitat and has various buildings:

  1. Headquarters – Communicate with other Kingdom players
  2. Fighting Bots Barracks – Train your fighting bot team
  3. Fighting Bots Factory – Build new fighting bot and store parts
  4. Xoil Silo – Purify and Store Xoil
  5. Spark Capacitor – Store Spark
  6. Parts shop – Buy and trade parts
  7. Intel Command – Get updates about the game

Game will be launched with 150,000 lands which will be allocated as follows:

  • 130,000 lands will be sold to players during the game big land sale
  • 10,000 lands will be given to each Rebel bot owner in his own kingdom
  • 10,000 lands will be used for marketing purposes

kingdom players

Rebelbots Ico Every player in the game is part of a kingdom, Players can choose to which kingdom they would like to join by acquiring a land in that specific kingdom. Players can participate in all game modes, tournaments and events. In order to start playing Players will need to build their initial fighting robot army, the minimum amount for entering battles, both adventure and PvP is 3 fighting robots. The amount of fighting bots player holds in his base will determine the amount of energy he has, as can be seen in the table below:

Energy allows players to play in reward based PvP battles and is recharged to the maximum level on a daily basis. The game is built to allow both competitive and casual players to earn from playing.

Classes and Stats

Rebelbots Ico Fighting Robots can be built in 3 different Classes, and Class is determined by the robot head. Building a “pure” Fight Robot, meaning that all parts are from the same class – this will grant the Fighting Robot improved abilities. Each Class has 3 sub-classes:

  • Military Bots – Offense units, high DPS
  • Industrial Bots – Defense units, can absorb more damage
  • Engineer Bots – Support unit, repairs and increases stats of other units

The 3 Classes have a Rock-Paper-Scissors Relationship in Combat, providing Bonuses and Handicaps relative to each other. Each Fighting bot will have 2 constant parameter and one dynamic parameter:

  • Hit Points (Constant)
  • Speed (Constant)
  • Morale (Dynamic)

Token Allocation

Rebelbots Ico will be a maximum of 300M RBLS tokens ever issued. These tokens are a premium in-game currency given to players for free for certain gameplay actions in the Rebel Bots game. The RBLS tokens are tradeable between players on exchanges and will be distributed to players over time. In addition, they may be distributed to community members for certain actions as deemed appropriate by the dev team under a reward program, for example, participation in community events, grants, bonus tokens, competitions and more.

Game Technology

The Rebel Bots Xoil Wars game is developed for both mobile devices and PC Installable clients with a smooth cross-platform game experience. The technology chosen by the team to comply with this vision is the Unity game engine for the client component.


Rebelbots Ico Xoil Wars core team are gaming veterans with over 10 years each in the social gaming industry. The team has been involved in the creation, design, development and marketing of some of the biggest titles available on mobile, games such as –

  • Slotomania (Playtika)
  • Governor of Poker 3 (Youda Games)
  • Backgammon Live (Come2Play)
  • Iron Blade (Gameloft)
  • Modern Combat (Gameloft)

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