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Discover the cryptocurrencies you can mine with us.

About Cruxpool:

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About is a cryptocurrency mining platform created for miners by miners to help miners with or without experience operated by ILIIUM  company with servers located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Cruxpool is a mining pool made for miners by miners and operated by the company ILIIUM. It provides a bunch of tools to help miners monitor their mining rigs: real-time statistics, professional support (with a dedicated Discord), very low threshold (0.01 ETH), and complete API and tutorials.

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What do They offer

Click and go setup

Crypto-mining is mostly for insiders that know how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. With Cruxpool and Cruxminer, they removed this obstacle. Simply follow the instructions and start mining !

Get daily revenues from mining

They run the payments every 3 hours, which makes 8 payments per day. They know that it is important for users to get stable and predictive revenue, that is why they guarantee daily payments

A dedicated support team team is dedicated to your satisfation and remain available for any questions. If you need support, we’ll be there for you !

PPS for more stability and predictability

Pay-Per-Share system is the only system that guarantees that you’ll get rewarded as you deserve. You are not dependent on the luck of finding a block, every share ensures you to get paid. PPS is the best reward system for stability.

Monitor your data at all time

Track all the data you need with the real time statistics, in order to keep an eye on your mining activity. Get a comprehensive view of your estimated and expected revenues, but also to check the performance of your hardware.

24/7 support and high availability

They have dedicated servers in Europe, US and Asia for the miners all around the world as well as automatic failover so you won’t get disconnected! We also provide personalized assistance with a high level of service.

Receive Payment Method

Ethereum payments are made once a day at 12 P.M (CEST) as long as your threshold has been reached.

They will be running payments every 3 hours as long as your threshold has been reached for Ravencoin and Ethereum Classic.

For Beam payouts, they are made once per week, at Friday.

Min Payment

The minimum payment is :

For Ethereum – 0.01 ETH
For Ethereum Classic – 0.1 ETC
For Ravencoin – 50 RVN
For Beam – 1 BEAM

Get daily and stable revenues thanks to our mining pool deliver solutions and services to those who wish to create a stable income with cryptocurrencies. You simply need to connect to mining pool, and we’ll take care of everything else, simply contemplate your balance increasing at the end of the day.

The role is simply to provide you with support, offer guidance into the Blockchain adventure, but also to provide you with the best advice and solutions to make the most out of your mining experience.

What sets us apart?


Mining on other pools may be time consuming, you need to go through dozens of installation and configuration procedures. They don’t want you to waste any time! Our advanced system combined with Cruxminer allows you to start mining in a few minutes.

Real Time Statistics

Cruxpool allows you to monitor every statistic that matters: how much you produce, what you should expect, what you’re earning. Take full control of your mining experience!

Crypto mining for everyone

Crypto-mining is not exclusive to those who have deep knowledge of how the blockchain is working. They want to offer to anyone the possibility to get some revenue from cryptocurrencies, whether you’re a beginner … or an expert!’s landing page is not loading well Now. Then it’s just one of the reasons we conclude this is scam cloud mining. Tell us about your experience working in this mining.

Cruxpool review , Is Cruxpool Scam or Legit ?


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