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2% daily forever (release deposit after 24 hours with 10% fee)

About dexygon:

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Dexygon is an online business that operates in the decentralized exchanges and digital asset management platforms. Customers located in any region of the globe may take advantage of custody, trading, and brokerage services offered by Dexygon and become market makers themselves.

It provides investors with unprecedented access to alternative investment opportunities and greater liquidity in a market that is decentralized. The mission of the company is to successfully adapt market making and trading strategy automation into a system that is compatible with multiple DEXs,
in other words, a Dexygon Hybrid Exchange.


The requirement for blockchain-based assets to be traded between counterparties has significantly increased as a result of the proliferation of blockchain-based assets. This need is only going to grow as hundreds of new tokens are introduced, not to mention the tokenization of assets that already exist.

The ability to exchange one cryptocurrency for another is essential to the larger ecosystem as well as the develop- ment of decentralized financial systems in the future. This is true whether it is for the purpose of speculative trading or to gain access to networks through their native utility tokens.

There is, in fact, the possibility of making a profit from decentralized assets; however, in order to take advantage of these assets, one must not only have the ability to declare ownership of them, but also have the freedom to freely transfer and trade them.

As a result, the decentralized and trustworthy trading of tokens is a compelling use case for blockchain technology. To this day, most crypto enthusiasts have transacted their token trading on traditional controlled exchanges, but this trend is slowly chang- ing with introduction of DEXs.

Plans: ~ 2% daily forever (release deposit after 24 hours with 10% fee)

Min Deposit: $50

Withdraw: Instant

dexygon review , Is dexygon Scam or Legit ?


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