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flymining is an experience investment Bitcoin cloud mining company. Many people did not identify the possibilities and the advantage of Bitcoin mining yet for that people we are here to provide them a free Bitcoin mining service.

The Mission

flymining is highly convinced that use of Bitcoin mining technology will be increase in the future that`s why we provide very easy and free Bitcoin mining service for every people. is an eco-friendly cloud mining farm. They want to prove that cloud mining can be transparent and clean. In total, the mining farm consists of three 20ft. containers that hold more than 540 mining machines providing the total hashpower close to 7 Petahashes/second (it is 7 million Gigahashes/second!). You can read about our mining equipment.


Mining is basically a process of validating transactions in the cryptocurrency world. Just like banks get a fee for processing your credit card payments, miners get a fee for processing cryptocurrency transactions. The major difference with banking is that there is also a fixed pay for miners, so even if there are not a lot of transactions, miners still get their pay. Imagine government paying banks every day just because they exist. This allows keeping mining profitable even while bitcoin is still not widely adopted.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining 1 year Contract

A 1 years contract The cost of electricity and maintenance: $0.12/day per 1 TH/sEstimated income: $0.118/day per 1 TH/s Estimated pure profit: $-0.002/day per 1 TH/s Withdrawals every day.

Equipment possible, hardly anyone would want to mine bitcoin at home. Mining equipment is not only expensive but also not suitable for home or garage. It is loud and high-power consuming. It works in maximum performance mode 24×7 and needs moving parts to be replaced often. Its portability, price, and loudness allow people to easily find it and steal it. Mining at home might look like a passive income, but actually requires a lot of time and becomes a business on its own.

Cloud Mining mining is buying a share of the hashrate of a large mining operation. With that, you get a lot of benefits – cheap electricity, no need for replacement parts or watching equipment, etc. All is included in one simple maintenance fee, which allows you to easily predict earnings (check calculator) and hold no risks.

Profitable Bitcoin

The are similarly engaged in mining. And they also want to raise profits. This can be done by engaging more people and building better infrastructure. The more they grow, the cheaper is electricity and equipment for and clients!


The smallest 5-year contract is $210. But the smallest monthly contract is just $12 that you pay monthly! Monthly contract is a great way to try mining for yourself! You can always upgrade your monthly contract to a 5-year contract, and your previous payments count towards the price!

Return Cloud mining

Flymining cannot give you specific numbers as it is not possible because of bitcoin price volatility. You can use our calculator when you register and go to “Buy hashrate” page. Or you can use other resources such as or

Calculator estimates how many dollars you get. Because we give you terahashes, and they generate bitcoins. This is what you buy from us – service of generating bitcoins. Price of bitcoin is given for your reference in this calculator only, it is not included in the contract. You have to sell bitcoins on your own, and they just give an estimation of how many dollars you get in the end.

Last 5 Day Transaction History

Transaction History page lets you view information about Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining withdrawals of our clients Bitcoin and Ethereum income in the last 5 days.
You can see amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals, date of withdrawal, Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction IDs.

Maintenance Fee

The mining equipment is spending electricity and requires constant maintenance. All this is included in one fee, which is called Maintenance Fee. Right now it is $0.12 per 1TH/s per day.

Custom Mining

No, do not offer such service as cannot direct just a portion of device to some specific pool. They did extensive testing of various pools, and found out that the best pool is (they are not affiliated with them). Their payout was highest after 2-month testing, and what is more important – payout is fixed for 2 weeks and does not depend on if pool has actually found a block or not – they get paid anyway. So it allows for a stable business model.

Profitable is the mechanism of the banking system of the future. Can you imagine, for example, that servicing credit cards would stop being profitable for banks? No, because the financial system of the world would be destroyed! Like current financial system needs banks, the Bitcoin network needs miners as much as a human body needs a heart. Once the mining ceases to be profitable, the Bitcoin network will die. That is why mining will always be profitable as long as bitcoin is used.


On the bitcoin network, transactions are being made every second – people send BTC to other people. Transactions in the blockchain each take their unique place one after another. But for the transaction to really be fixed in its position in the blockchain, it must obtain a special key.

Imagine that you have a doorlock and have to try 1000 trillion keys before you find the right one that opens the door. It is a pretty accurate depiction of what happens.

Finding the key is not an easy task and a person who commits a transaction is willing to pay miners some fee for finding the right key. Plus, there is also a separate reward from the bitcoin network itself.

All the computing equipment in the world has to spend an average of 10 minutes to find the right key. For efficiency, the key is used not for each transaction separately, but for a block of about 2000 transactions (hence `block`chain, not `transaction`chain).

The miner who finds the key for the block – gets all the glory and some bitcoins as a reward! review , Is Scam or Legit ?


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