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About the company

We are glad to welcome you to the most accessible and simple NFT investment platform — FRUIT-PROFIT.

We are a community of ambitious like-minded people. We started dealing with cryptocurrencies and financial arrays back in 2012, when no one thought that cryptocurrencies would enter our lives. Our analysis team saw great potential in this, and we were not mistaken. Every year we captured the market and bought promising assets.

Read this review and check the latest status.  We are updating this page every day . Join us .Check if is legit or scam, customer reviews, users’ comments, and discussions.
At the moment, NFT is more than a cryptocurrency. We use this opportunity to be in the growing NFT market.

You can’t even imagine how this sphere will enter our lives. For example, large investors are already buying NFT images for more than $500,000.

So, what are the options for increasing the capital of the company?

We are always honest and transparent with our investors. We do not hide how we increase your investments.

Nothing new, just follow in the footsteps of successful collections. Our designers create unique NFTs that we host on top sites like OpenSea. The second step is that we add value to our product. A staff of targetologists, marketers, and SMM specialists create informational noise around our collections, thereby increasing the value and relevance of the NFT collection.

The next step is the “visibility” of buying/selling our collections. We buy from ourselves and sell our collections ourselves, thereby making it clear to the sites that our product is in demand. Organic users are starting to connect and show interest in our collections.

We transparently and honestly share with you the principle of earning and increasing capital, but you, our dear investors, must also understand that these actions require large investments and labor.

The moment we realized that our methods were profitable, we realized that we urgently needed to scale our “production”.

We really hope for your trust! While you sleep – FRUIT-PROFIT works for you!


Plans : 120%-50% after 24 hours

Min Investment: 10 RUB

Max Investment: 100,000 RUB

Referral Commission : 8%- 2%-1%

———————————————————— review , Is Scam or Legit ?


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