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Whatever your music taste, GIGCO helps you find the perfect show.

About Gigco Ico:

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About For too many years the act of coordinating live music events has followed the same old rutted pathways, with no easily accessible database of venues or artists, a small number of booking agents and middlemen have been able to monopolize the industry. Gigco seeks to provide an all in one mobile application which tailors a seamless experience for artists, venues and music fans alike.

Gigco Ico team consists of a collection of musicians and programmers who share a vision of more adaptable, fluid systems for all aspects of the live music industry. Empowering artists and venues to connect directly by establishing a new trustworthy booking protocol as well as integrating user, fanbase inputs.

Gigco is a U.K limited company with headquarters in Newcastle- Upon-Tyne and main development office in Laos P.D.R. The Gigco mission is to provide a protocol and platform with open access for all, promote network ecosystem growth, ensure secure data governance, advance company infrastructure and support procedures which progress towards more decentralization over time.

Token Basic Information

Token Name
Token Symbol
Token For Sale GIG
Ico Price $0.075000
Social Support YES
Fundraising Goal $710,000
Personal Cap 75 USDC ~ 1575 USDC
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Live Musics

Whatever your music taste, GIGCO helps you find the perfect show. With venues ranging from coffee shops to arenas, showcasing solo artists to rock bands, big or small, let arrange it all.


Let friends know which gigs you’ll be at, invite them to come along, even buy and send them a ticket through our app store. Help your friends or other users find artists and venues they might like by becoming a GIGCO reviewer, you’ll receive a star user badge along with other bonus and discount opportunities.

Ticket & Shop

Directly support the artists and venues you like by purchasing music, tickets and merchandise in our app store, with micro fees on all transactions you can guarantee you’ll never pay more with GIGCO.

Find Work

Join the platform so that Gigco Ico wide range of venues can easily find and book you for their events. Receive your full performance fee, don’t lose out to middlemen or booking agents.

Apply for our ambassador program, if accepted you can receive sponsorship from GIGCO who will help promote all aspects of your content and products.

Sell Music

The GIGCO platform allows you to earn money through both streaming and download sales. You can even digitise tracks or albums as NFTs giving fans the opportunity to fully invest in your work and gain from future royalties together.

Fan Base

Gigco Ico is dedicated to helping you expand your fanbase, our priority algorithms will direct your profile and content straight to users most likely to engage it.


They work hard, but think harder.. They want to offer the best functions for Artists, Venues & Music lovers. The current roadmap is based on functions that they already planned, but keep tuned for more updates over time!

Find Artists

Find the perfect artist for your event in seconds with’s fast and easy search optimiser.

Instantly see which artists are available at the time of your event, along with their music genres, promotional videos, costs, fanbase / follower details, even read fan and venue reviews of their previously arranged gigs. Everything you need to know to tailor your perfect event all in one place with GIGCO.

Ticket Sales

Customers can purchase tickets instantly, you can choose to receive payment in fiat or cryptocurrencies. With micro fee ethos we also assure you to receive more of the total amount paid than with any other platform.


No matter how big or small the event GIGCO will help you let the world know. Take advantage of the extensive network of users by allowing the algorithms to precisely target potential customers based on demo, psycho and geographical information.

Decentralized Music Platform With Blockchain Infrastructure will be the first one-stop platform for artists, venues and fans where music is the center of everything. An easy-to-use app built on Solana for complete control and ownership of your music, gigs, merchandise, tickets and NFTs.


Profile Staking

Each artist or venue profile has its own staking options, this gamifies the process. You can earn better rewards by staking with the most active profiles that you follow.

GIG Contracts

When an event is arranged on GIGCO a smart contract is instantly deployed, this protects both venue and artist for potential no-shows or defaulters.

NFT Song As a Stock

Digitizing music as NFTs allows artists to offer investment opportunities to their fans. Royalties are then split between the two parties as revenue is created through our pay per play service.

Payment Flexibility

Use GIG token to pay for goods or services on the platform, receive the very best discounts and pay just micro fees. Alternatively, we will offer fiat and other crypto payment methods.

Gigco Ico review , Is Gigco Ico Scam or Legit ?


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