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1% – 2.5% daily for 60 days

About jookopay:

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History of the organization

Jookopay is a large international b2b and p2p payment system based on TRON. The advantages of the system are that it is decentralized and cannot be hacked by hackers, it is free from government pressure and ensures maximum speed of payments between market participants.

Our mission is to create a single ecosystem where each participant can instantly receive and send money from anywhere in the world without bank fees and government pressure.

We use TRON as the basis of our platform, because it is the most flexible, fast and reliable cryptocurrency.

Its principle of operation is based on smart contract technology.

The advantage of smart contracts is that their parties are reliably protected (of course, if they do not make mistakes in the process of signing the contract). For example, when renting a car under a smart contract, you know for sure that the tenant will not be able to drive it for more than the prescribed period, since special computer algorithms turn off the engine at the moment when the lease term ends. If the tenant needs a car for a longer time, he will be obliged to transfer additional funds to the landlord. Then the program will see it, unlock the car, and he will be able to move off.

The first cryptocurrency based on “smart contracts” was Ethereum. But TRON is much faster and provides not only speed, but also greater reliability of payments.

If the Bitcoin system processes 3-6 transactions per second, and in Ethereum – 25, then TRON is able to process up to 2000 transactions per second.

Thanks to this, Jookopay has become one of the safest and fastest payment systems.

We work officially. The company is registered in the UK and has a license for investment activities and development of payment systems.

We guarantee our partners:
● Round-the-clock support. The support manager will answer all your questions at any time.
● Reliable protection. All accounts and personal data are protected from DDoS attacks by end-to-end encryption.
● Withdrawal is available 7 days after the investment.
● Stable daily income. Interest on the deposit is accrued daily.
● User-friendly interface. Fully automated personal account under your control.

What do we offer?

Jookopay attracts individuals and legal entities to invest in the development of the platform. The funds raised will be used to develop updates, connect new tokens and ensure the liquidity of funds on the platform.

Business model So what do you earn?

Jookopay offers its partners several earning opportunities: investing in the development of Jookopay, an affiliate program and bonus rewards.

Investing involves the contribution of capital according to the investment proposal. Interest is accrued daily, withdrawal of funds is available the next day.

To make money on the affiliate program, you need to attract new customers to Jookopay. For each partner you bring, you receive a reward and in the future you regularly receive % of his investments.

Bonuses are awarded automatically when the structural turnover increases. You can read about how it is considered and what it consists of in the “Partners” section.

Payouts: 1% – 2.5% daily for 60 days | 1.3% – 3% daily for 180 days
Withdrawal: Manual
Min Deposit: $1
Max Deposit: $∞
Referral Bonus: 5%, 1%*

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