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100.7% after 1 day ; 0.9% daily for 7 days (106.3%)


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The Medical-Invest project is a modern set of tools for investing in DNA.

Your investment in the market today will pay off with financial independence tomorrow. Find out the detailed conditions and choose the right tariff plan to start working with a team of professionals right now.

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The Medical-Invest project is a combination of innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.

Our main task is to accumulate investors’ money and further invest in the most reliable and liquid technologies to make a profit. While working, we focus on risk diversification, so that the invested funds are safe.

Even if a part of the positions brought a loss, the other part of the received profit covers it and brings the total balance into income. Cryptocurrency is a profitable asset that allows us to consistently pay investors stable deductions with a high percentage of profitability.

The main advantage of Medical-Invest is the flexibility of automated DNA systems and the focus on maximum profit with minimal risk.

We are working daily to improve the algorithm of work, which will allow us to increase interest deductions for investors. The processing of large data sets and the work of two departments of analysts give us the opportunity to stay ahead of the market.

We work transparently. You see all the conditions in advance and can calculate your profit.

The convenient interface of your personal account received funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Works exclusively in the legitimate sphere and in accordance with the law.

We give the opportunity to provide ourselves with passive income even for investors with small capital.

Our financial performance is growing every quarter.

Experts call Medical-Invest one of the most promising and fastest growing companies in 2021-2022. We work every day to increase turnover, attract new investors, and search for ambitious and profitable projects. By investing with us, you are investing in the market of the future, which is already taking over the whole world.

Project Opportunities

maximum investment security

All funds received from investors go through several stages of redistribution between assets. A high risk diversification methodology is in place, thanks to which security is preserved and it becomes possible to guarantee the profitability of our tariffs.

investor technical support department

Especially for partners and investors, we have opened a separate technical support department, which is ready to answer any questions online around the clock. We do not abandon our clients after the transfer of money, but we accompany them through each stage of creating passive income.

opportunity to make a profit at any time

The system of connected wallets and online payments allows you to start working with funds on your account right away. You can reinvest the received income or withdraw it to your payment details at any time.

we use artificial intelligence

Together with the programming department, we developed AI that helps analysts make decisions and eliminates the presence of human error. When choosing for investment, we rely on dry numbers and predict further growth or decline.

We increase the profitability of tariff plans

Thanks to the joint work of the best specialists and a large number of attracted investors, we continue to improve the conditions for cooperation with us. Our goal is maximum profitability for each investor, even if the initial capital was small.

We attract cryptocurrency market professionals from all over the world

The constant growth of financial performance requires us to increase the number of specialists that we hire around the world. We have assembled a team of the best financiers, analysts, programmers, traders, experts, and managers to work together on the development of the Medical-Invest project.

How The Platform Works

1. Registration

Any adult user who wants to build a passive income and start investing with a team of experts can register. Just click the “Register” button and enter your details. Don’t forget to confirm your account registration.

2. Replenishment

You can replenish the balance by any convenient payment method, which is available in the appropriate section of our project. Be sure to double-check the details so that the money is credited on time and to the correct account.

3. Deposit

Choose a suitable tariff plan and carefully read the terms and conditions, then accept them and invest. If you have any questions, please contact the investor support service.

4. Conclusion

After the expiration of the agreement, the received profit can be withdrawn at any time. Go to the withdrawal section and select the appropriate payment system. Carefully double-check the details and send an application, the withdrawal processing is instant.


Plans: 100.7% after 1 day ; 0.9% daily for 7 days (106.3%) ; 1.2% daily for 15 days (118%) , 1.6% daily for 30 days (148%) ; 2.2% daily for 60 days (232%)

Min Investment: $20

Withdrawal: Instant

Referral: 4 Levels: 7%-5% – 3% – 1%


Author Comment :

The design of is completely repetitive. Investment plans are unreasonable. The referral program is 4 levels and looks good. It has just started working and we need to check its performance.

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