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1.4% every 24 hours. 1.6% accruals 0.8% every 12 hours

About polinur:

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Analysts of Goldman Sachs, one of the largest companies in the world, are confident that by 2024 we should expect a tenfold growth of this market, which is a “gold mine” for experienced investors. In cooperation with large companies, we are developing software for the further implementation of large-scale simulations.

Over the past few years, the metaverse has turned from a fantastic future, presented in various works of fiction, into a reality that exists here and now and is already far from the initial stage of development, and the basic technologies underlying the transition to metaverse are rapidly developing every day.

The basis of our company is the staff of developers

We specialize in creating software for metaverses. Effective solutions of an experienced team in the future will allow you to create full, open worlds with many functions and features.

The software we create will help to deploy social interaction in VR, provide future metaverses with in-game objects and high-quality 3D visualization in general. Without a good software component, any project will be doomed to failure, which is why the largest companies are cooperating with us now.

Cooperation and conditions for partners

In order to promote the company, we also offer cooperation to interested partners. Invite new investors to take part in an investment project using a referral link and receive a passive profit from their investments up to 36% as part of a highly profitable affiliate program.

Plans: 1.4% every 24 hours. 1.6% accruals 0.8% every 12 hours. 1.8% 0.45% every 6 hours. 2.1% accruals 0.26% every 3 hours. 2.4% accruals 0.1% every hour.

Min : $20 – Max: Unlimited

Withdrawal: Instant

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