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About swapnex.io:

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The crypto market offers a big deal of currency exchanges where people can trade and earn on differences in rates. However, the prices within particular currency pairs can also differ depending on many factors, such as demand for certain currencies, politics, competition between exchanges, etc. The mentioned and many other factors significantly complicate the trading process and increase the risks involved.

We offer traders to operate at several crypto exchanges due to one smart platform. How can it be? Via Swapnex, our clients can access all the major and widely used trading platforms. Traders can easily buy coins on one platform and sell them on other ones within seconds.

Sophisticated arbitrage trading system

Swapnex allows traders to sell and buy crypto within seconds at several currency exchanges concurrently. We placed all the widely used currency exchanges on one website allowing traders to quickly open and close orders for the most beneficial prices.


Manual trading

Sell and buy cryptocurrency on the most popular exchanges using our tools. Shift between a big variety of exchanges to create profitable orders and benefit from differences in rates.

Auto trading

Let the Swapnex work for you! Just choose a currency pair and a trading period of 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 days, and enter a sum for trading! Moreover, you can activate a Compound Interest mode and earn even more on auto trading with Swapnex! We monitor prices on different exchanges and choose the most suitable moments for buying and selling with the maximum benefits.

Account plan

Experience all the advantages of innovative arbitrage trading with our account plans. Four universal account plans allow you to use both manual and auto trading tools, various boosters, and additional features, and give access to more than 25 exchanges!

Account upgrades

Improve your orders to get more from regular trading operations, minimize website commissions for trading, and increase your referral income. Get the maximum opportunities to earn due by upgrading your account.

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  1. Sue Fairweather says:

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  2. Renee Billingsley says:

    Not Paying

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