Veggies Farm

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Build your dream farm! Develop your farm’s infrastructure, harvest cro

About Veggies Farm:

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About Veggies Farm

Veggies Farm Build your dream farm! Develop your farm’s infrastructure, harvest crops, mine gold and discover artifacts in the mine. Build a facilities to process your crops and establish a trading system! Earn MATIC while playing. Earn in-game items in form of NFTs and trade them on any NFT marketplace, such as Opensea, Rarible, to fuNFT, etc. NOTE: Only players who have an Edgy Veggie or Game Pass are receiving weekly rewards for playing. You are welcome to check Roadmap  for details. Don’t hesitate to check The Team and contact us in case you have any questions.

Quick Fact About Veggies Farm

Coin Basic Information
DEFI Coin Name Veggies Farm
Price 1-100 ( .001eth – .01 eth
Token symbol N/A
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Edgy Veggies is a collection of randomly generated NFT Veggies on the Polygon blockchain available at Opensea. It is the gaming project collection. Each Edgy Veggie holder receives next in-game perks: Warehouse capacity: +20%, Plots:+6, Crops grow time: -20%, Mining: +20%.

All of the 1000 veggies are unique 1:1 editions. None will ever be minted again.  Each Veggie is randomly assembled from carefully handcrafted options. There are different veggie types, faces, emotions and accessories.


Each Edgy Veggies Farm Defi holder receives a pass to The-Garden-House – members-only space in discord where holders are able to influence upcoming Veggies Farm game. On top of that – constant perks in the game:

  • Warehouse capacity: +20%,
  • Plots:+6,
  • Crops grow time: -20%,
  • Mining: +20%
  • And more


There is different rarity of traits. For example, eyewear 4 is extremely rare, 5 is rare too. Most rare ones are 4 Seasons special edition, there are only 4 special edition Veggies available, 1 for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Rarity tool development is in progress, you are welcome to use filters during Edgy Veggies collection browsing at opensea meanwhile.


1-100 ( .001eth – .01 eth)

100-300 (.01eth – 0.05eth)

300+ (.05eth and up)

The price is rising each drop, so early holders could benefit from flipping their veggies. That could be beneficial, taking into account that Polygon has no gas fees at Opensea.

Veggies Farm NFT assets

Veggies Farm in-game assets are designed to unlock some specific features and perks in Veggies Farm game. Each asset in an ERC721 standard NFT. The network chosen for this items is Polygon Chain. This helps to remove the gas fees when trading items on secondary market, same as when minting, or receiving some item as a reward during the gaming process.

There are several types of in-game NFT assets for Veggies Farm Defi game. Passes (Bronze Pass, Silver Pass, and Gold Pass) unlocks several powerful in-game perks, such as more plots or enlarged warehouse capacity. Chests (Bronze Chest, Silver Chest and Gold Chest) awards player with one-time coins, gems and game items pack. Each Plot gives player additional plot in Veggies Farm game, so player will be able to grow more crops simultaneously, etc.

Note: Please make sure your wallet is configured to be on POLYGON Mainnet network  before minting. Other ways transactions will fail.

Note2: You are welcome to get Veggies Farm in-game items on secondary market (Opensea) if you don’t have MATIC to mint and don’t want to bother yourself with getting some.

Total supply: 3333

​Bronze Pass enables next in-game perks:

  • Warehouse capacity: +3%
  • Plots: +1
  • Grow time: -3%
  • Mining: +3%
  • And more


  • 5 MATIC​

Total supply: 3333

Silver Pass enables next in-game perks:

  • Warehouse capacity: +6%
  • Plots: +2
  • Grow time: -6%
  • Mining: +6%
  • And more


  • 10 MATIC​

Total supply: 3333

Gold Pass enables next in-game perks:

  • Warehouse capacity: +10%
  • Plots: +3
  • Grow time: -10%
  • Mining: +10%
  • And more


  • 20 MATIC​

Total supply: 3333

Bronze Chest includes:

  • Coins: 200-300
  • Gems: 20-30


  • 1 MATIC​

Total supply: 3333

Silver Chest includes:

  • Coins: 400-600
  • Gems: 40-60


  • 2 MATIC​


Leaderboards – Leaderboards and how to earn

Levels – Info about Levels in Veggies Farm Game

Veggies Farm review , Is Veggies Farm Scam or Legit ?


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