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40% hourly for 5 hours

About zanofund:

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Brand New Opportunities

With you will be able to quickly earn money you need for dreams you have always wanted to bring to life and make true. We offer a wide range of investment plans. You can choose the one that suits you best yourself, which corresponds to what you can afford and what you need to best extent. In the future, you can also re-invest funds that you have already earned to even increase income.

Individual Approach To Each Customer

In order to provide timely response to customer support inquiries and provide support in difficult situations, has created an online customer support facility where everyone will be able to quickly obtain a response to any question you may have from an intelligent representative. For your convenience, our customer support center operates round-the-clock and is able to provide support in English language. We value you as our customer.

Guaranteed Payouts guarantees daily crediting of interest payments according to the investment plan the customer has chosen. Our traders’ applicable trading strategies easily provide stable and significant income. has also created special reserve fund that is intended to cover the losses in case of unexpected or force-majeure circumstances occurring when trading.

Investment Company Welcomes You at our Website!

Private investment company Investments specializes in financial trading on FOReign EXchange market or just Forex. We provide our services to all interested individuals. If you want to earn serious money with the help of investments, then feel free to join our project! Online investing of funds for further trading on Forex market and stock market – is one of the most profitable and fastest methods of receiving good income as of today. Absence of restrictions and high liquidity while trading significantly widen opportunities for multiplying your funds. Exactly thankfully to these features, that Forex market and stock market have, and outstanding performance shown by our company employees, we can provide our customers with such an income level. As you can see by our offered investment plans, the monthly interest rate when cooperating with our company is rather impressive and, by the way, much bigger than rates you can find at your local bank. Our company officials have great experience and unique skills for successful business activity in financial trading business area. For years of work at stock market and Forex market, our traders have developed really profitable strategies which are able to provide stable and significant income while any investment risks are eliminated. Correct operation of our analysts allows us to choose the most profitable deals without a place for a mistake. We offer you to become one of the Investments customers.

Plans: 40% hourly for 5 hours

Min Investment: 10$ – Max Investment: No Limit

Withdrawal: Manual

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