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prometheus Ico Review

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Prometheus platform will allow users to transfer the desired part of the business process to a blockchain or vice versa. Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows users to connect to the database, select the data and transfer it to a blockchain. Proces can be done in a few clicks. A reverse process can also be made to move data from the blockchain to the database. Prometheus platform will enable businesses to become real early adopters of the blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology has been with us for a long time. The first work about crypto blockchain dates from 1991 and was done by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornett. Their idea was to implement a system where it would not be possible to manipulate with timestamps in documents.
The first real blockchain was conceptualized by the figure or affiliation, that has already become a myth, called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. In the following year, technology is used as cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is also the first use
of blockchain technology.
Today, when we discuss blockchain, the biggest topic is its mass usage, i.e. using this technology of huge potential for solving problems from the real world. Cryptocurrencies are just one type of application. The Prometheus project aims to provide a mass usage of blockchain technology in all spheres of human activities, but not through the focus on cryptocurrencies. Our vision is to facilitate the usage of blockchain technology through product that will enable a transfer of a part of its business on blockchain, through very simple solutions and in any business activity.
Although a lot of projects from a few years ago promised a mass usage of blockchain technology, Prometheus has a clear idea and vision how to achieve it, thanks to its finished product, its team consisting of university professors, developers with long-term experience, the company with long-term successful work and a few successful projects

Essential Information

Ico Time
2020-02-01 – 2020-05-01
Token Name prometheus
Token Symbol pro
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.1 USD
Hard Cap
530,000 USD
Hard Cap
11,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC None
Country Serbia
Restricted areas None

More About prometheus:

Prometheus is absolutely transparent about the development of the future platform. With our product and our organizational capabilities, we are confident in the successful execution of the project. Because of this reason, we offer ICO participants absolute protection, something not yet seen in the ICO world:

If the soft cap of $530,000 is not passed, which is required to develop a future platform and successful business model after the ICO is completed, Ethereum will be automatically returned via a smart contract.

After passing the soft cap (hard cap is $11,000,000) Prometheus will propose several independent experts with authority in software development who will check that the development of the platform is in accordance with the roadmap. All ICO participants will vote for their favorite, while buyers of over $ 1,000 will be able to nominate their expert. If an expert determines that the development of the Prometheus platform is not going according to the roadmap in the forecasted period, all purchasers will be refunded the invested amount deducted by the proportional amount of $530,000.

How the platform is working?

Prometheus has already developed the MVP that will be the foundation of the future Prometheus platform, in which users can make the integration between the business process and the blockchain. With only a few clicks users can connect their databases, select the desired data and transfer it to the blockchain. The process can also be reversed. Users can transfer the information from the blockchain to the database.


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Is prometheus Scam or Not?
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