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Reindeer (RDT) ICO Review

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Reindeer is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameReindeer
Token SymbolRDT
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Soft Cap4,000 ETH
Hard Cap625,000 ETH

More about Reindeer (RDT) ICO:

Creating a free and open case database on how to use cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and so on. It is not just making the productivity of creators up to the moon but also helping everyone becomes a service creator and making the world more various and interesting. By your contribute this ICO, we can realize three functions. Creating funds for creators providing high-quality cloud designs to this database. Creating the transparent and decentralized database system on the blockchain. Providing design data to everyone for free through our easy to use search console/API and workflow system like GitHub.

Reindeer wants to become the GitHub of cloud design. That great tool has improved the software product development work of 27 million engineers around the world by giving them an information repository and a way to collaborate. Reindeer wants to offer those same things to cloud design creators to dramatically improve cloud computing provision around the world.
Our main motivation for offering reindeer is that we want to ease the sense of crisis that has followed a string of numerous cloud computing provision mistakes that have occurred around the world, from annoying system downtimes to serious information leaks. We all remember the recent leaking of information about over 100 million American households [1] and leaks of government information [2]. Reindeer consigns such incidents to the past by ensuring that anyone can find the cloud computing combination that is right for them and the cloud design that meets their provision conditions, completely free of charge. Providing an information repository is one step toward that goal, and this is a feature that reindeer shares with GitHub. However, reindeer is also a world first: a system that is optimized for secure storage and sharing of cloud design-related open data.
We need to keep in mind that cloud design is no longer of interest only to a limited subset of IT infrastructure specialists such as systems engineers. Entrepreneurs and industry creators talk incessantly about things like the cloud or AWS (Amazon’s cloud computing service). Amazon actually gets more of its operating profit out of AWS than out of its mail-order business. Clearly, the cloud computing aspect of service building is becoming increasingly necessary and essential. For us, this change epitomizes a hugely significant evolution in the creative activities that humanity engages in. Following the dramatic democratization of software development in the 1990s, cloud computing is steadily shifting control over the IT infrastructure provision process—the backbones of service building—away from a handful of capitalists and toward everyone else. That means that the creation of online services that simplify and enrich people’s lives will become a creative activity that is accessible to more people than ever.
To support this development, reindeer will include not only a GitHub-like repository of information but also a rewards system to promote the creation and sharing of high-quality cloud designs. In this way, reindeer will support those who contribute to the development of cloud computing and help accelerate this evolution of creative activities. Reindeer will amass high-quality cloud designs from all over the world and provide recipes that will allow anyone to become a creator and build high-value online services.

Our ultimate goal, after we eradicate mistakes in cloud computing provision, is to help human creative activity evolve. Simple Internet “surfers” evolved into bloggers and YouTubers who proceeded to make the world a great deal more interesting. Surely the world will become an even more prosperous and more exciting place if something similar can happen again—if more people with wonderful ideas can evolve into service creators and start producing value. Every day would be like Christmas.
More importantly, if everyone has access to these means of producing value, we may be able to stop the waste of environmental resources that has been the price of wealth creation so far. Why? Because producers would no longer have to scale up in a world of scarce means of production and be forced to compete excessively in a struggle for resources. What we want is to contribute even a little to creating a sustainable and prosperous world that we can leave to the next generation.
Also, once that enormous production capacity of people around the world is unleashed to make extreme productivity a reality, the cost to produce a single unit of anything will drop until it comes as close to zero as it can get. We will reach the “zero marginal cost society” that Jeremy Rifkin predicted. A world where the concentration of wealth no longer has much meaning—a world where people everywhere can enjoy the same rich and happy lives in a sustainable way—may finally be on the horizon.


Support creators’ success by the distribution of cloud computing knowledge.

We accelerate the knowledge distribution of cloud computing usage, which is a powerful weapon for the creators’ service development. And we aim to create a society full of diverse values ​​and redistributing wealth, through the creation of a world in which everyone can become creators by the elimination of the information gap

Maximizing the power of cloud computing

We first realized the overwhelming power of cloud computing in 2012. We were tasked with handling streaming content from a large event that involved a timeline of the event being linked to social media postings. After the idea was pitched to us, we had only a month until the big day. We used PaaS and IaaS to build a system that could handle enormous traffic volumes of over 5,500 qps just for dynamic contents and was optimized for enormous amounts of big data. We had to deal with changes and problems right until the end. By the time we had configured systems like a task queue and KVS, the event was less than a week away. If we had needed many people for server provision, as would have been the case with a solution that did not involve cloud computing, we certainly would have run out of time and got into serious trouble. We still shudder to even think back on that project. Six years on, the possibilities of cloud computing continue to expand year by year at an amazing rate. At the same time, however, cloud computing has become ever more difficult to use. We feel this difficulty is making it ever more likely that others will find themselves in the kind of serious trouble we barely escaped. Take AWS, a very popular system. To use AWS today, you have to choose what you need from almost a hundred functions and combine them in just the right way.

However, this complexity should not be seen as a downside of cloud computing. Everyone desires and imagines different and endlessly varied things. Unless that changes, a monolithic service that can make everything happen with one easy press of a button will never gain traction. That means cloud computing functionality necessarily has to be offered in the form of small and easy-tocombine modules, much like microservices. Combining those modules to create new value is the only way in which free human creativity and diversity can truly manifest.
That is why we need something like reindeer—a system that can help users themselves become producers. We need reindeer not only to keep usage errors and accidents at bay but also to protect humanity’s freedom to create.

Open data-native

Reindeer handles information in the form of open data. Anyone can freely use the data stored and shared via reindeer, without having to take any special interests into account. The creative activities of humanity have little room to evolve when people constantly have to wrap their heads around all kinds of royalties or struggle to figure out if the building blocks they are accessing are actually marketing materials.
The enormous software information repository that GitHub has made can host data about any part of the service-building process, including information related to IT infrastructure. At the same time, GitHub cannot do more than serve as a productivity improvement tool. GitHub deals in software, a medium that is inextricably linked to intellectual property in the form of content and business requirements. That means any information published on GitHub may come with implicit licenses. The system is not designed to encourage the search and reuse of the content it hosts.
That is one reason why reindeer is so focused on information related to the IT infrastructure called “cloud computing.” Configuration information for IT infrastructure is not like that for software. It has developed in the form of general-purpose knowledge that can be put to various other uses. This knowledge can easily be separated from anything that could be designated as “intellectual property,” for example descriptions of the relationships between specific requirements and realization methods. That means that at this point, the configuration information of IT infrastructure is easier to describe as open data than software. As the boundaries between software and IT infrastructure continue to blur while virtualization technology evolves, the types of information we have to deal with are set to expand. But all information on reindeer must be open data if we are to preserve our key values of maintaining searchability and reusability of all information.


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Reindeer (RDT) ICO Scam or Not?

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