Reserve Rights (RSR)

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Reserve Rights (RSR) Review

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Reserve Rights (RSR) defi token was created by platform to do business.Reserve’s costumers are mainly normal people and businessmen in Venezuela. This platform helps them save in dollars and transact with low attrition. They can use PayPal, Zelle, and Venezuelan bank to any transfers. In order to cash-in, users initiate a transaction in this defi token app , then they are operated to make a transfer with whatever payment method they want. This transaction will be received by one of the traders in our network, who responds by sending the user RSV, depending on the payment method, this can be automated or manual.

When the user has RSV, transactions between users are so much easier. If a user wants to cash-out some money that they have received in RSV, they can use the same process in reverse, and receive a transfer from one of the traders in this platforms network. 

Essential Information

 Reserve Rights Price $0.025779 USD
Token Name Reserve Rights
Token Symbol RSR
 Reserve Rights ROI 613.41%
Website Link Home
Market Cap $176,589,204 USD
Circulating Supply 6,849,999,000 RSR
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Market Rank #77

More about Reserve Rights (RSR):

The Reserve project goal is to solve some problems with a stable, decentralized currency that can’t be contemptible by a government because it is universally distributed outside of anyone’s control, and afterwards nearly impossible to shut down.


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 Reserve Rights (RSR) Scam or Not?

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