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rLoop (RLP) ICO Review

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rLoop is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NamerLoop
Token SymbolRLP
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 RLP = 0.0008 ETH
Soft Cap28,000 ETH
Hard Cap200,000 ETH

More about rLoop (RLP) ICO:

The rLoop Network is a globally distributed and crowdsourced innovation community. Our mission is to develop and launch innovative technology fueled by a genuine desire to improve the world and humanity. The network facilitates the collaboration of global talent and resources, enabling anyone to contribute to potentially world-changing technology. The rLoop Network harnesses and incentivizes the human capacity for innovation. rLoop believes innovations in technology will allow humanity to make exponential societal, economical, political, and cultural advancements. We believe that for radical innovations to be truly radical, they must be decoupled from traditional motivations. We believe there is a better way for people to work together. We are creating the future of work; a network to democratize high technology. And we’ve already started with the future of transportation, the Hyperloop.

The rLoop Network is a decentralised research and development organisation, engineering solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. It is designed to enable anyone, anywhere, at any time, to participate in the creation, development, and scrutiny of potentially world-changing technology. Our mission is to develop and launch innovative technology fueled by a genuine desire to improve the world and humanity. The rLoop Network mitigates the risk of early stage R&D by leveraging an untapped global pool of talent and resources, harnessing the wisdom of the community, and facilitating and optimising amorphous group coordination. It encourages participation at the intersection of an individuals passion and interests, removes geographical barriers to participation, and opens up an entirely new and previously untapped workforce.This document provides an overview of the intended preliminary implementation of the rLoop Network, as well as potential future growth avenues. The network features community participation in the creation, development, and scrutiny of innovative technology projects, coupled with a bounty system for challenges and tasks related to challenges. Both systems work to leverage and maximise the wisdom of a global community of engineers, scientists, makers, and enthusiasts. The systems are supported by an experienced engineering team and advisors who provide structure and effective engineering processes. Resources are allocated to projects based on milestones and community consensus. In this model, influence will flow from the bottom up and not from the top down, while creating an economic movement focused on co-developing innovative technology for the greater benefit.

4Humanity’s progress has been driven by scientific and technological innovation. Traditionally, investments in innovation have come from government or corporate interests. Centralised research programs have led to revolutionary technology, but the investment pace has slowed dramatically over the past four decades as traditional investors seek targeted research that can be quickly converted into profits. This shortsightedness has resulted in an innovation bottleneck, where technologies that can have incredible impact on humanity have been impeded or entirely ignored.There is no shortage of talent and passion in the global workforce. This talent largely goes untapped as existing organisational structures cling to antiquated concepts of personal motivation which have been shown to actually inhibit performance, creativity, and drive. Furthermore, opportunities to participate in innovative projects have become increasingly geographically localised. The result is a global acceptance of the status quo, resulting in an artificial limitation on the success of a person, an organisation, and society.

At the Forefront of Innovation

By cross-connecting emergent fields of technology and making them accessible to everyone, rLoop creates an ecosystem of limitless and permissionless innovation.

rLoop has a history of connecting innovators with industry partners to enable radical collaborations. High quality interactions do not merely coordinate action, they stimulate innovation.

rLoop facilitates new transitions through reliable design to build a sustainable future.

It’s one challenge to develop a design within a virtual team – actually building it is an entirely new challenge.

When you have a globally dispersed team of innovators with limited access to machinery, how do we enable them to build their ideas?

The answer to this is rBridge: the bridge between digital design and physical product – the bridge between engineers and makers.

rLoop aims to accelerate innovation through utilising the power of the crowd via decentralised engineering and rapid prototyping. This prototyping will be enabled by rBridge: a world-wide rapid prototyping platform, enabling anyone to make their idea a reality.

The Bridge between innovators and makers

rBridge connects our virtual engineering team to a global network of skilled talent with access to machinery, so that through collaboration, they can make any idea happen.

The rBridge concept is not just an idea, but already has been proven by rLoop producing an award winning Hyperloop prototype. Now, rBridge will build further on this success by scaling up this network of makers.

Beyond Connecting

rBridge will start as an online interface with profiling of users and geographically distributed maker centers, design handling and order processing. Upon this basis, rBridge will expand its capabilities using collaboration tools such as AR/VR. Ultimately, rBridge will provide advanced manufacturing processes and extra capacity by extending the network with rLoop owned smart factory locations.


rBridge will accelerate innovation and benefit both innovators and makers by creating a unique collaboration platform. Innovators  have access to a global pool of prototyping and manufacturing capabilities from various industries, enabling cross-industry innovations. Makers will have access to new income streams via rBridge with marginal investments or marketing.

Technological Innovation Drives Economic Growth

One of the most consistent findings in macroeconomics is the growth that innovation drives – and this has remained true for centuries. In the U.S., economists have calculated that approximately 50% of annual GDP growth is attributed to increases in innovation.1 There is also a clear statistical link between innovation and gains in the standard of living.2Support from government for R&D spending is critical to innovation, as governments can sponsor the kind of basic research projects that seek wide-ranging scientific understanding and which can affect entire industries. Private sector firms prefer to focus their R&D on “applied” projects, where they can capture the entire payoff. Their role is not to undertake broad R&D for the general benefit of humanity.3The U.S. federal government played a critical role in financing the basic research underlying earlier innovations such as computing equipment, the internet, GPS, and “space age” materials. Much of this occurred through direct research at government agencies such as NASA, as well as funding provided to universities. But, to highlight the extent of the issue globally, the FSA shows that U.S. government investment in R&D as a percent of GDP has declined from a high of 2.2% in 1964 to 1% today. The private sector has also shied away from funding basic research, which is critical to true breakthroughs – less than 5% of the R&D performed by companies is in basic research. The declines have been notable in industries such as healthcare, which are less able to protect their intellectual property rights in global markets.

7The Innovation Bottleneck

Despite all of this, traditional corporate structures have demonstrated a complete disregard towards discovery and innovation. One study, aptly named ‘Killing the Golden Goose’,5 found that the number of publicly traded companies publishing research in scientific journals has dropped nearly two-thirds from 1980, down to only 6%. The study states:“Large firms appear to value the golden eggs of science (as reflected in patents) but not the golden goose itself (the scientific capabilities).”Scientific advances and acknowledgement may earn a company prestige but does not always result in profit, and difficulty in exploiting technology dis-suades traditional investors from opening their pockets.“…people who might have become scientists, who in another age dreamt of curing cancer or flying to Mars, today dream of becoming hedge fund managers.” 6A study on the negative relationship between the rate of growth of the financial sector and the rate of growth in total factor productivity found that the finance sector attracts high-skilled workers from other industries. The finance sector then lends money to businesses, but favours firms that have collateral they can pledge against the loan. This usually means builders and property developers. Businessmen are lured into this sector rather than into riskier projects that require high R&D spending and have less collateral to pledge.


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rLoop (RLP) ICO Scam or Not?

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