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What are you going to find about Defi Coin Protocol Review? Defi is one of the Defi Tokens that you should have information about. This is Defi review. We are giving you information about whether is Defi Legit or is Defi scam. This is a review that helps you to know Defi Token. Here is Defi Protocol Review that you should read before engaging in this project: (RPL) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. Rocket Pool has a current supply of 17,922,514.606585 with 10,279,742.404181 in circulation. The last known price of Rocket Pool is 19.00907388 USD and is up 2.66 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 15 active market(s) with $1,743,481.68 traded over the last 24 hours.

Essential Information

Support 24/7
Token Name
Market Cap
Contract Address N/A
Website Link Home
Max Supply 17,922,515
Circulating Supply 10,279,742.40 RPL
Twitter Group Click to See
Whitepaper Whitepaper

More about Defi Protocol Review:

Stake your ether

Deposit as little as 0.01 ETH and instantly receive the rETH token which represents a tokenized staking deposit and the rewards it gains over time network. This token does not need to be locked to gain rewards and it can be traded/sold/held as the user desires, all from the moment they deposit ETH.

Staking made easy! No need to run a node yourself, set up monitoring, or do anything else complicated. Just deposit and receive rETH instantly.

Deposit safety is enabled through socialized losses. This means that your deposit cannot be assigned to a “bad node” — all rETH holders share the risk of nodes being slashed or penalized equally. If a node fails, all holders lose a tiny amount of value, rather than one unlucky person losing everything.

Stake + Run Node

Run your own node and stake your own ETH in the Rocketpool Defi Coins network free from any commissions the network charges + gain extra rewards from the network generating a higher ROI than you would staking solo.

Are you a SaaS provider or similar service that has ETH and wishes to generate a higher ROI and keep control over your own nodes? Stake this ETH in the Rocket Pool network with your own hardware and have full control.

Only a minimum of 16 ETH is required to become a validator in the Rocket Pool network. That’s half of the amount required if you want to solo stake. You can even stake multiple amounts of 16 ETH on your own node easily if you wish.

Network Capacity

Node operators earn a commission from deposits that are sent to the network for staking. It is variable and determined by the current capacity of the network to receive a new deposit, the number of deposits currently awaiting assignment, and the number of node operators with the capacity to receive these deposits. An example of two scenarios where the amount might be low and might be high:

Low Commission: Defi Coins network has a lot of node operators with space to accommodate deposits and you have a small deposit to make, the network can easily absorb this, so the network utilization commission is low.

High Commission

The network has few node operators to accept deposits, so node operators that come online during this time to meet demand can receive a higher commission. This extra capacity needed can come from a very large deposit, a backlog of queued deposits awaiting assignment, or a combination of both.


Tokenised staking

A first for ETH2! A token that represents a staking deposit + rewards it gains overtime in the Rocket Pool network. Can be used just about anywhere.

Smart contracts

Rocketpool Defi Coins All contracts in Rocket Pool are open source and have been built using a design methodology that allows them to be easily & seamlessly upgraded.

Smart nodes

With custom node software, any user/business/group can run a node in our network, stake their own ETH for free, and generate a higher PoS return.

Minimized Deposit risk

Any losses that occur from bad nodes for stakers who deposit ETH are socialized across the whole network to minimize impacts on any single user.


Network redundancy and decentralization are key pillars of the Rocket Pool network. Any potential issues and their effects are minimized using this technique.


Rocket Pool was originally designed in late 2016 using the Mauve Paper which was released by Vitalik. We’ve been in the space now longer than most, and it shows.


Node operators who are staking ETH can provide the network and its users with an additional security promise to make sure the network is as efficient and secure as possible. To do this the node operator can choose to stake RPL on their node contract and provided they have at least 1 minipool validator running, can earn an extra security commission rate.

Commission from rewards earned on the network would be proportionally split between all users who stake an amount of RPL on their node, failure to provide this additional security can result in that users RPL being burned proportionally to the penalties or from slashing occurring to deposits on this node while performing Ethereum consensus duties.


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