RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF)

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RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Review

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The goal of DSE is to allow open access platforms where individuals around the globe can exchange information, value and services with full control and transparency, enforced by the marketplace algorithms. RIF defi token goal is to enable Decentralized Sharing Economies to flourish in order to empower and protect the value of individuals.

Decentralized Sharing Economies (DSE) are collaborative marketplaces where individuals interact on a peer-to-peer basis coordinated by immutable smart contracts. Traditional sharing economies have been built around Big Tech companies which impose changing rules to their users and monetize their personal information without sharing the profits with them.

All RIF Tokens purchased during the private sale were made available to contributors by RIF Labs on the TGE Date. These RIF Defi Tokens will remain available for private sale contributors to redeem from the smart contract deployed by RIF Labs for a period of 1 year from the TGE Date (Redemption Period). In order to receive their RIF Tokens, private sale contributors need to interact with the relevant smart contract by following the redemption instructions that were sent to them by RIF Labs. This is the only way for private sale contributors to receive their tokens during the Redemption Period. On expiry of the Redemption Period, any RIF Tokens which have not been redeemed by a contributor will be automatically returned to RIF Labs by the smart contract

Essential Information

RSK Infrastructure Framework Price $0.078447 USD
Token Name RSK Infrastructure Framework
Token Symbol RIF
RSK Infrastructure Framework  ROI -62.33%
Website Link Home
Market Cap $50,617,472 USD
Circulating Supply 645,246,678 RIF
Whitepaper Whitepaper
Market Rank #144

More about RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF):

RIF defi token aims to create the building blocks to construct a fully decentralized internet.
All RIF services are designed to facilitate the interaction of the global community of developers and the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin has proven to allow the peer-to-peer, censorship resistant transfer of value and now RIF, powered by RSK, aims to add the identity, storage, communication, gateways, micro-payments and gateways layers to allow the creation of Decentralized Sharing Economies to protect the rights of the individual and users.

By providing the infrastructure and services needed to enable Blockchain mass adoption, RIF hopes to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the lives of millions of financially excluded individuals around the world.

While the RSK Live Mainnet requires, -and will always do-, Smart Contract execution to be paid in smartBitcoins (RBTC) maintaining full incentive alignment with the Bitcoin Ecosystem, RIF OS Protocols aim to create and off-chain layer of infrastructure that initially is built on top of the RSK Ecosystem but will be integrated in the future with other Smart Contract enabled platforms like Ethereum & EOS. In order to do so is important to have a token that is neutral to any of those networks and for which price is defined in connection with the offer and demand of infrastructure services regardless of the particular price of the native cryptocurrency of the network (RBTC, ETH, EOS, etc). From a user perspective it doesn’t pose any additional friction as we expect that in the near future DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) will provide instant conversion between the native currencies of the Networks where RIF OS Protocols are integrated an RIF Token. The portability of the RIF Token will create economies of scale and strengthen the antifragility of the Decentralized Ecosystem as a whole bringing the Internet of Value one step closer to realization. The main reason is that we envision RIF OS, in the long term, as a unified Marketplace for off-chain infrastructure services that can be consumed by every Smart Contract enabled crypto-economy (i.e. RSK, Ethereum, EOS). In that context having a portable / neutral token is a must.

RSK Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS) is a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment. RIF OS includes support for decentralized, third-party, off-chain payment networks; a set of APIs for seamless and secure communications between decentralized applications; and easy-to-use interfaces for developers. Access and payment for RIF OS services are based on the RIF Token, which allows developers to access the suite of services built on top of RIF protocols such as Identity, Payments, Data Feeds, Storage and Communications including third party-developed infrastructure services, and any other apps that might be deployed on RIF’s framework that agrees to accept RIF Tokens as a means of accessing / consuming the service or app. RBTC is the native token of the RSK Live Mainnet and is pegged 1:1 to BTC. It’s used as gas to pay for Smart Contract execution in the same way as ETH is used as gas for Ethereum. Technical users can obtain in a decentralized way by converting to and from BTC by using the bridge between the Bitcoin and RSK protocols. Less technical users can obtain RBTC from supporting exchanges in order to use the RSK and all of the applications that run on RSK.


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RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Scam or Not?

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