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S4FE (S4FE) ICO Review

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S4FE is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico Time01 Aug 2018 – Unknown
Token NameS4FE
Token SymbolS4FE
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 S4FE = 0.25 USD
Soft Cap1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap25,000,000 USD

More about S4FE (S4FE) ICO:

S4FE is the world’s first blockchain technology based global database for the registration and identification of stolen or lost items. The database is accessible to everyone and enables users to register and search property on the blockchain. Such property could be electronic devices, jewelry, collections, valuables of any kind, documents, sports and hobby equipment, vehicles and machines or nearly any conceivable item representing a value to its owner.S4FE is a freely accessible, blockchain-basedtechnology, global network for registration, search, verification, and identification of (lost or stolen) property. Property means every imaginable kind of „objects“, such as electronic devices, jewelry, valuables, collections, documents, contracts, hobby equipment, vehicles, and machines, or just any imaginable object that is of value to its owner.

S4FE contributes to the reduction of worldwide increasing theft, illegal possession and the receiving of stolen goods through four basic pillars:

a global network to register, check, identify and report objects.

a search engine for global search and clarification of ownership of objects.

the commercial value and the traceability of stolen goods with the goal to reduce crime.

participation in the network to increase its efficiency.

We plan to establish S4FE as a „first mover“ with this service and to further improve the technological lead of the company and its products in the long term.

We are convinced that this model holds immense potential for increasing property security and reducing crime on a global level by rendering property unattractive for criminal use, as it can be identified as lost or stolen immediately, anywhere and anytime in the future.

S4FE is unlikely to solve growing crime in the world. Considering the appalling dimension of the problem, reducing crime by just 1% would already be a significant improvement for the public and would position S4FE as an important crime prevention service provider.

S4FE is the world’s first blockchain-based global database for the registration and identification of stolen and lost items. The database is accessible to everyone and enables users to register and search for property. The types of property include electronic devices, jewelry, personal collections, documents, sports and hobby equipment, vehicles and machines and any other conceivable item representing value to its owner.

S4FE’s goal is to provide a solution to the dramatic increase in theft, trade in and fencing of personal property by the creation of a platform that will decrease the number and value of stolen and lost items.

Our Tokens

What is  S4FE?

The Token, which is based on the established ERC-20 standard, works in conjunction with various Smart Contracts to regulate the network and the incentives to use the network. The applications – the software running on different devices – are the interface between the (largely self- regulating) network and users.

S4FE is an innovation driven company, S4FE responds to a previously unmet demand. The S4FE platform introduces an entirely new facility for deterring crime tand minimising its impacts.


Theft and fencing* crime are two growing global problems. The most effective catalyst to these problems is to identify rightful property ownership in a practical and reliable way.
All property possesses a market value, and when property is stolen, that market value is reduced, but there still remains the trading value.
This trading value is the incentive for theft and fencing crime.
*The act of reselling stolen property.


At this time there is no way to know who owns what property, so thieves and fencers can make money with their crimes.
Making objects identifiable will decrease the value of stolen objects.
Individuals participating in fencing will begin to have items taken away from them, as police return stolen items to their rightful owners.
Fencing profits will be drastically reduced, and eventually, these crimes will cease to be profitable.

The right idea at the right time

S4FE is a decentralized search network for property, i.e. physical objects, that is based on blockchain technology. Similar to the wide spread search-engines on the Internet, users can add and search entries. The difference of the S4FE search engine is that the network is made up of physical objects. In addition, having blockchain technology as the foundation of the network allows all user transactions and personal data to be cryptographically anonymized.
The concept resembles a global lost-and-found office: the S4FE network’s main goal is to find and identify lost or stolen objects, in order to return them to their rightful owners.
To achieve this, the S4FE network is accessible to everyone and offers users two general functions:

• Objects can be registered and reported to the network in case of loss or theft.

• Objects can be searched, verified and reported as discovered, i.e. if a user discovers an object previously reported as lost or stolen by the rightful owner.
The term Object describes nearly any conceivable form of physical property, that represents a value to its owner. Next to valuables and objects of any kind, this term also includes pets and animals in general.


Even with today’s technology it is not possible to report stolen or lost physical objects, or property in general, in real-time through a convenient, anonymous, user friendly manner, and to make such information available worldwide. Therefore, there is no possibility to inquire the ownership status of an object through a global search network, i.e. if an object is found or intended for purchase. For this reason the chances of locating stolen or lost items, in most cases, are very slim.
This lack of a reliable system is what makes theft and all connected crime possible. Criminals can easily and openly move stolen goods and market them anywhere in the world.
The reasons for this problem are: loss and theft themselves, varying international jurisdictions, laws, database formats and access rights, as well as very slow administrative processes. The combination of these factors completely obstruct the flow, exchange and accessibility of information pertaining to property ownership.


S4FE’s mission is to fight organized crime, theft and fencing with an effective tool. The strategy is to provide people around the world the possibility to protect their property, which will render theft and fencing crime unattractive, as their initial incentives diminish.
Through cooperations with official authorities and commercial partners, constant innovation and through implementation of a rewards program that animates participation in the network, S4FE will provide a service to the public by effectively reducing crime.

Reference Market Germany

The presented figures intend to provide an impression of the scale of theft crime and the problem of lost items in a country regarded as safe and well organized due to the high level of presence of law enforcement agencies and officers. According to official crime statistics and police reports issued in 2017 by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, over 2,3 million cases of theft were reported in Germany in 2016.
The actual number of cases is likely to be substantially higher, because not all thefts are reported. It is estimated, that only approx. 25 % of all theft crimes are reported.

An interesting fact is, that theft represents 37.3% of the total crimes reported, making it the largest single portion of all recorded crimes. At the same time, theft is the area with a frighteningly low level of solved cases: in 2016 only 31,120 cases of stolen property were solved. This equals a reconnaissance rate of approx. 1.2 % resulting in approx. 2,3 million items not returned to their rightful owners.
These figures only represent half of the picture: these statistics, that only represent stolen property, must be complemented by the approx. 100 million items that are reported lost per year in Germany. With only about 20 % being retrieved, this results in about 80 million items lost forever, large part of which will reenter the market through fencing crime.
As with stolen objects, the statistics only depict part of the volume, as only about 30 % of lost objects are reported. Therefore, the actual number of lost objects can be assumed to be substantially higher.


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S4FE (S4FE) ICO Scam or Not?

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