• Electronics giant Samsung is apparently planning to launch an application based on blockchain that will provide a secure way for its users to transfer files.

    Although the company has not given more details about the project, sources familiar with the news said Samsung company aims to launch the Private Share app based on blockchain to protect the sender’s files from being used inappropriately by receivers.

    Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, the firm has been edging to develop privacy solutions. It recently added a cryptocurrency wallet to its high-end devices, making it easier for users to get more involved in the cryptocurrency sphere. It has also supported or partnered with TRON (TRX), Stellar (XLM), Enjin (ENJ), etc.

    Although there are other similar applications, the use of cryptographically robust and decentralized technology provides a higher level of security.

    Apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and other similar ones have been breached in the past. But the use of blockchain-based technology could provide a more superior and complex proposition to cybercriminals.

    Also, storing data on central servers is vulnerable to exploitation, as it has happened in the past with the hack of Apple iCloud servers.

    The app will provide better security than other similar apps

    Moreover, the app provides more security and assures users their private files will not be spied on by Samsung. They would use P2P technology, which makes it practically impossible for Samsung to access the files.

    With the blockchain app, senders will be assured that their files are secure from other users as well as the prying eyes of Samsung. This is what makes it different from other similar apps.

    Launch date

    Although the launch time of the app is not known yet, there are sign the launch date will be announced when the electronic giant launches its new line of premium smartphones, with the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 expected to be launched in early months of 2021.

    There is also good news for those who are not buoyant enough to afford these high-end Samsung smartphones with the blockchain app. The company aims to launch the new blockchain-based technology on other smaller-priced devices, exactly as it did with Music Share and Quick Share. Those applications are available for both its mid-tier and premium line-up.

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