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The latest scam projects

The term of Hyip is a short form for High Yield Invest Programs. In these Hiyps, High Yield Invest Programs, you can see a huge number of scammers and also many legits. We are focusing on scammers right now. They use honey trap on the investors by using the terms like a secret banking system which of course doesn’t exist. They use these mouthful words, so they can trap you on a corner, so you buy their words and their products, while you have been promised to get a handful of money, in exchange for a short and small money investment.

It is happened to you to ask them about this: Why don’t you mine, invest, or even trade for yourself? Why are you sharing the chance with us! They will answer that they have been all the above for themselves for many years. And now, they want to share the opportunity to share it with the people from all around the world, who might need to make a life for themselves. They will tell you that they have experience and the skill for many years, now they want to help the others.

As an exaggerated lie they will tell you that you don’t need to take any risk, your money is in a safe place and you will earn something between 1% to 250% of profit based what you invest in, in a day! They are shouting themselves basically, that they are a Ponzi scheme or other types of scams.

Now, you know that whenever you see or hear about the alleged secret banking system, you are going to be scammed. At the same time, people behind this claim, use this term so convincing that some people with low experience will fall for it.

We made a list with false claiming and we want to show you this, so you can make a better choice that you are getting into what company, and what is going to happen. Your chance to get scammed by these terms is a lot. These are the claims:

They will talk about a major U.S. bank that guarantees your investments. This is the U.S. government that is behind this secret banking system. The claimed project is using International Chamber of Commerce Approved Forms. These kinds of programs are supported by the International Monetary Fund. HYIP and the “Secret Banking System” Scams Data Theft News and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself. Hints for Protecting Your Money While Traveling HYIP, which stands for High Yield Invest Programs.

Be aware of these scammers, do not fall or involve with the greed. The fact is you cannot make a lot of money with so small amount. And there is secret bank anywhere that would give you a lot of money for that small amount.

Check our scam Hyips section, and stay away from their shiny claiming. We are here to show you every angel of these scams, and we will update our data every time that something happens, or changes.