Sensitrust (SETS) ICO

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Sensitrust (SETS) ICO Review

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Sensitrust is a platform where customers and professionals get in touch, make deals and design new projects. Every phase exploits blockchain technologies, managed by Smart Contracts, and supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Mar 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020
Token Name Sensitrust
Token Symbol SETS
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$ 0.05
Platform N/A
Soft Cap
5 M
Hard Cap
10 M

More about

Many real-life sectors present different types of inefficiencies in their processes, deriving from the adoption of traditional and non-optimal practices. Companies that still adopt traditional models are facing difficulties in positioning themselves in a competitive market. In particular, such difficulties mostly derive from the following aspects.

Quality of the result

The quality of the result of work is assessed with too strict or too weak evaluation schemes. A fair evaluation should employ objective and verifiable measures, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Time constraints

Timing is one of the most important aspect s in a competitive job market. Any delay in releasing a product or a service might incur in economic losses or a bad reputation. Traditional practices do not guarantee time constraints, since they lack objective penalty and reward mechanisms.

Risk management

The process of hiring human resources is often based on presumed knowledge ( e.g., skills declared verbally, or written in a CV) rather than verified knowledge demonstrated on actual past activities performed on other projects.

Validation of the result

Result validation is often tricky in traditional negotiations, especially if they take place remotely. A systematic consensus mechanism to evaluate and protect mutual rights is nowadays necessary.

Bureaucratic procedures

Remunerating an employee for his work could take several months, due to delays depending from traditional practices, that become particularly complex across different legislations. This also depend s on the workflows, that could be still non – automated and human intensive.

Project Goal

The SENSITRUST project will exploit the blockchain to develop an innovative platform that will positively impact and solve many existing issues that are evident in the job market.

The blockchain adoption is motivated by the immutability, decentralization and safety features offered by its implementation. Specifically, the SENSITRUST platform will be tightly coupled with the blockchain, fostering safety and transparency, and eliminating the need of a trusted and centralized entity in charge of managing sensitive information.

Some of the potential fields in which the Sensitrust platform will be highly valuable are listed below and will be detailed in a dedicated section.

IT / Engineering

– Hiring of highly specialized human resources to meet specific needs – – Execution of extraordinary / urgent maintenance activities – – Resolution of critical issues through consultancies provided by experts –

Banking / Trading

– Recruitment of analysts to monitor, analyze and execute trading operations – – Development of Blockchain-based solutions for traditional tasks –
– Development of innovative products and services –


– Establishment of international teams of professionals to carry out specific projects – – Identification of reviewers for scientific papers and projects in an efficient manner –
– Identification of experts for teaching specific topics and for specific training courses –

Blockchain Technologies

All the operation in the platform will be handled through Smart Contracts in a decentralized, immutable and certified manner.

Artificial Intelligence

All the activities will be supported by Artificial Intelligence techniques and data mining methods specifically developed to extract value from data available in the platform.


Looking for human resources in a specific geographic area, or willing to relocate, is increasingly difficult. This is particularly true if experience on blockchain is required, since the number of experts in the field is still limited if compared to the demand.
The new job market requires more flexibility, such as the opportunity to work remotely. Remote professionals are already a reality in the modern society. A special category is that of working nomads: professionals who travel frequently and can work and communicate with their customers using their laptops. This allows them to earn a salary while keeping the freedom of a nomadic lifestyle.
A recent survey that took place on the job board, has shown that 85% of remote professionals are more satisfied with their remote job than with their previous onsite job, since they do not feel burned-out by everyday commuting. However, remote work relationships are, in many cases, still handled “in the wild”, without a rigorous set of rules and protection mechanisms that are guaranteed in traditional environments.
One of the objectives of the project is, in fact, to improve the existing paradigm of remote work and collaboration, by introducing.
guarantees and safety measures that are typical of traditional work environments. This goal will be achieved by fully exploiting the specific peculiarities of Blockchain technologies.


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Sensitrust (SETS) ICO Scam or Not?

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