Shirbit declines to pay hackers and faces increased Bitcoin ransom

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Cyberattack hackers said they’d leak more of the Israel’s Shirbit insurance company’s data if it failed to pay $1 million bitcoin ransom.

Israel’s Shirbit insurance company, which has reportedly been under the attack of a group of hackers called  the Black Shadow group, refused to meet a 9 a.m. Sunday deadline to prevent more of the company’s information being released,  according to a report by Channel 13 and cited in The Jerusalem Post.

The insurance company has consistently refused to meet the ransom deadline and comes just a day after the group had already released more data containing the personal information of insurance company employees and customers over the weekend.

“Included in the released documents are screenshots of WhatsApp conversations, ID cards, marriage certificates and financial documents,” reported the Post.

Previous negotiations held between Shirbit and Black Shadow also came to nought, as the hacker group released other information in its possession after those talks ended without any specific result.

On Wednesday night, the hackers demanded that Shirbit send 50 bitcoin ($961,110) to their bitcoin wallet within 24 hours, otherwise they would face a double hit; the release of further data as well as the demand increasing to 100 bitcoin ($1,922,220). If a further 24 hours was allowed to elapse, the demand would increase to 200 bitcoin ($3,844, 440).

Bitcoin is recently trading at around $19,000.

“After that we will sell the data to others,” the hackers warned, saying that they would leak more data at the end of every 24-hour cycle.

According to the report of Post, Black Shadow claimed credit for the attack in a tweet that read: “A huge cyberattack has been taken [sic] place by Black Shadow team. There has been a massive attack on the network infrastructure of Shirbit Company, which is in Israel economic sphere [sic].”

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