Si14 (SI14) ICO

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Si14 (SI14) ICO Review

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The international peer-to-peer sports betting exchange that allows you to place bets from player to player. Unique software algorithms and created eco-system Si14.Bet – allows you to strengthen yourself in the international betting market and further take a leading position due to the quality of service and financial model of the company. Si14 Token allows you to buy privileges on the exchange Si14.Bet in the form of discounts on commissions: – Gold account has a commission of 0.5% – Platinum account has a commission of 0.2% – Owner account has a commission of 0%. Possibility to use tokens Gold account has a commission of 0.5% – 1000 tokens Platinum account has a commission of 0.2% -1500 tokens API – 300 tokens per year Strategy Automation Platform – 550 tokens per year Owner account has commission 0% – 100.000 tokens During the ICO period, Si14 tokens can be purchased in the user area. To do this, create an account or log in to an already created user account at Holders of Si14 tokens get up to 100% discount on Si14Bet exchange fees. The clear benefits of token ownership ensure demand. The exchange value of a Si14 token will be determined according to demand and supply. The more users the Si14Bet platform has, the more participants need Si14 tokens.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Dec 27, 2019 – Jul 1, 2020
Token Name Si14
Token Symbol SI14
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
$ 1
Platform N/A
Soft Cap
5 M
Hard Cap

More about Si14 (SI14) ICO

Si14Bet provides a betting ecosystem that uses the P2P technology to give users complete control over their funds and make sports event bets at any time.
We use an interactive approach to develop the Si14Bet exchange with full attention to individual characteristics and users’ requirements. Our vision is to create an ecosystem that fully supports the P2P sports event betting.
The sale aim of Si14 tokens is to provide users of the Si14Bet platform with increased exchange fee discounts.
Public sale of tokens is divided into two phases sale at the ICO stage and sale at crypto-exchange sites that creates two opportunities for participating in the acquisition of a token. Both periods contain significant bonus offers depending on the contributed amount at the appropriate stage.
The Si14Bet team has solid experience with bookmaker’s offices such as Betsson, Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle or Bwin.
Now we are ready for the next level and intend to implement the P2P bets ecosystem with the possibility to automate your trading strategies.

Problem Overview

Over a period of 2009-2019 the online sports betting industry has been characterized by the strong growth and remains a Fast-growing and highly liquid market with millions of players.

Since 2019 online gambling market has doubled and currently has a volume of nearly $60 billion a year. However, despite this growth the bookmaker industry has experienced a decline in confidence and reputation over recent years. Online sports event betting users and bookmakers have to face several challenges:


From the user’s point of view, the process of determining odds of most bookmakers is completely transparent. It is difficult to understand what infor­ mation has led to Forming the market, and it is almost impossible to establish whether these odds are Fair, or how clearly they are laid in Favour of bookmakers. because they do not represent players’ aggregated opinions.

In addition, traditional bookmakers do not provide any information on market volatility and the amount of Funds for a sports event. Thus. the entire process remains hidden.

All these problems are a direct result of one simple fact: the current online sports event betting market is very centralized.

Centralized companies are responsible For markets, outcomes, odds and even players’ funds.

Intrusion by Providers

Traditional bookmakers often intrude into betting on their platforms and thus, actively regulate the behavior of their users. They block players who often win by Limiting their activity. Players often have to wait a Long time before they get paid off the gain.

This leads to disappointment and reduced confidence in the bookmaker.

Trust in a Bookmaker

Nowadays in the sports betting market anyone who wants to bet online have to pass several verification stages (often there are several consecutive identical verifications. It occurs in case of withdrawing funds from a winning account).

Consequently players are completely isolated from their funds, which remain in the bookmaker’s central deposit. This requires a high degree of trust, which is sometimes used by bookmakers to the disadvantage of their users.

On the other hand, this liability Leads to high procedural and financial costs for bookmakers and as a result incorrect formation of odds in the sports event market and delay of payments to users.

The ability not to receive money when requesting withdrawal via online billing is a real risk that players face.

On all conventional online betting platforms players have a delay when it comes to withdrawing cash because it takes some days to transfer funds from a bookmaker to their bank accounts.


– Was your bet recalculated by another factor? – Is your account often blocked if you have a winning account? – What are references to obscure contract clauses to avoid making a payment?

Transparency of any bookmaker’s operation and formation processes of odds remain hidden. Up to the present day operation algorithms have remained unclear for market participants. There are many reasons for this: starting from regulatory activity and banal blocking due to the use of multiaccounts and VPN.

All bookmaker offices have their own mathematical modeling of profit generation and a large staff of employees. This profit is contained in distorted odds for its users, on whose shoulders this Load is fallen.

When working with any bookmaker you will experience a large number of restrictions of the following nature:

– Event bet amount – Reduced odds – Closing the market in case of an event – Lack of a wide action line – Account Limitation – Additional Verification – Delays in payment of gains

Our company has had experience with bookmakers For more than 10 years. During this time we have fully studied the structure and algorithms of bookmakers and offer a unique product that will take the lead in the sports betting market.

Gambling Industry Problems


Traditional betting operators must have a high degree of client-side confidence, which is often used by bookmakers to the detriment of their users’ interests because this responsibility leads to high procedural and financial costs for bookmakers.


Hidden decision-making processes of traditional bookmakers regarding the blocking or restriction of a client do not make it clear what has led to the disagreement, and whether chances of solving the problem are fair or too overestimated in favor of bookmakers.


In the current situation in the sports betting market, players are very often limited in their freedom of betting. Bookmakers can harass clients and even punish players who often win by banning bets or slashing odds and limits.


High costs are necessary for safe and efficient use of a traditional betting operator for players and the company. These costs are reflected in high margin odds, which directly affect players.


P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Betting Exchange

The created product has no analogues in the world market of bookmaker services. The P2P system operation eliminates difficulties with calculations of our users. The hybrid financial interaction model allows our clients to have minimum fees of 1%.



Our company has formed an environment for creating personal robots and mechanized trading systems for automatic bets according to your personal strategy. Presently there are plenty of strategies that require constant market surveillance. You have a unique opportunity to work mechanically. You only need to set the algorithm and compile the robot.



– Wide line, i.e. more than 400 events

– API documentation for users

– The market is always open during any events

– Deal entry per 0.1 second

– Bets FOR and AGAINST events (Hedging Opportunity)

– Cash out at the market-dependent rate without delays

– Lightning-fast deals through the app

– Possibility of arbitration transactions being present at a sports event

– Instant deposit/withdrawal



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Si14 (SI14) ICO Scam or Not?

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