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The sprint was conceived as an utility token, and also to transform people ways of life as blockchain is transforming the web into chain transaction. It seeks not only the future but furthers today’s development in any field where it can be seen that we must start from scratch on such a project. We want to build something which will bring about change for everyone by being scalable beyond what Blockchain has achieved so far (so many applications now). The goal behind this new vision is simple : make our use cases fit with how society evolves, making them accessible everywhere they go

Essential Information
Ico Time
Mar 15, 2020 – May 15, 2020
Token Name SPRINT
Token Symbol SPRT
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Website Link Home
Platform Ethereum
Soft Cap
Hard Cap

More about SPRINT (SPRT) ICO:

An online digital platform where you can buy any form of digital products and also list your products, these ranges from ebooks, video courses, and any form of digital products.
Also in plan to build an online physical market place where to buy and list your products for sell, this where the sprint token will be used to carry out the transaction as a method of payment
The gaming platform industry is becoming gradually integrated with blockchain and it serves a great benefit for the game lover and as entertainment, we plan to build an online portal where individuals can login with their token and have fun either by betting or just for playing.
Sprint will be sold on exchanges, where it will be listed, for buying and selling with other cryptocurrency


SPRINT is integrating online digital and physical platform, where everyone can list there products for sales using only cryptocurrency for transaction. SPRINT is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade anything on the digital market on SPRINT platform and anyone can trade anywhere in world with cryptocurrencies.
In addition, SPRINT’s platform will be integrated with thousands of merchants. The idea of buying digital products through the platform and trading using crypto currency is a trend that has been gaining momentum in the recent years.
A growing business that is looking for the best online platform to make its business possible.
Secondly, Blockchain has become popular in the world today. Integrated in almost every activity of our daily lives, in technology, businesses, entertainment and so on. SPRINT was created to make the gaming industry much more efficient and enjoyable. With SPRINT game lovers can play games online with cryptocurrencies. Either way by betting with cryptos and winning cryptos
SPRINT has made it possible for developers and players to create innovative games for real money transactions and for both traditional and digital games. With the help of SPRINT, game developers have gained new opportunities to monetize their game through digital means. For example with the digital game token SPRINT tokens can be purchased and spent in-game. SPRINT is currently being developed as a platform for payment processing with multiple currencies as well as the INTRODUCTION of the use of a blockchain-based solution for a future payment system in the gaming world.


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SPRINT (SPRT) ICO Scam or Not?

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