Tesla Adding Dogecoin Feature to e-car is Elon Musk’s Newest Joke!

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered a funny Dogecoin feature for his e-car giant. This is going viral trough all over the world. In his newest tweet, Elon Musk’s tweet , he proposed that a car could give the meme cryptocurrency if it sees a Shiba Inu dog on the street. He said it as a joke, but as you know his tweets has strong effects on crypto market. Dogecoin feature can be of their actual plans.
As some people related to the crypto world, were reasoning whether Musk was conforming his support for Dogecoin or accepting its canine rival, SHIB. The others talked about that Tesla could begin mining the joke cryptocurrency.
The opinion can seem meaningless, but Spiritus, a three-wheeler designed by Tesla’s Canadian competitor Daymak. It has already started mining Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum with a prototype to process to the crypto community.

Reality or Joke

There is a very thin hair between jokes and actual plans when it comes to Musk’s Twitter profile. The crypto market saw enough of these jokes, to know they can be very serious. On April Fool’s Day, th tweet of this rich dude was about SpaceX sending Dogecoin to the Moon. A funny pledge that most of Musk’s fans understood it as a joke. Although, as a report based on U.Today, a lunar payload named DOGE-1 will be launched by SpaceX in 2022 as a matter of fact. For now we should see how this joke, Dogecoin feature, goes.
Musk also had some other ideas, like creating a hot tub that would be powered by Dogecoin mining. This was in late May. And now, he added Dogecoin feature to those ideas.
Some of Musk’s fans and followers also started pussing him on Dogecoin payments. On May 11, the entrepreneur asked Twitter users whether they want Tesla to accept the funny cryptocurrency or not. Regardless of the “Yes” answer the option winning the poll with an overwhelming majority. But the e-car giant stays hush about adding DOGE as a new payment option. And that was after dumping Bitcoin in mid-May due to environmental concerns.

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